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These files are for the TI-84 Plus CE, 83 Premium CE, and other "CE" calculators with color screens. BASIC programs are compatible with the TI-84 Plus CSE and some BASIC programs written for monochrome 83+/84+ calculators will also work correctly. Assembly and C programs must be written for the CE calculators specifically; running them on calculators with an OS newer than 5.5 requires jailbreaking the calculator.


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  1. Memorize the order of the colors that appear on the screen. This is a TI-Basic game for the TI 84 plus CE.

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  2. After about a year in development, Pokemon84 CE is now ready! This is a fully fledged Pokemon game with wild encounters, trainer battles, and overworld sprites! With over 35 catch-able Pokemon and a final Gym battle, this game will have you busy for a while!

    Currently v1.01 and requires OS 5.3 up.

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  3. Remember the days of DVD and CRT? Now you can relive those days of watching the DVD image endlessly bounce around the screen and *almost* hitting a corner! Take revenge on that DVD image by downloading this program and finally getting the satisfaction of seeing the image perfectly nail a corner! Includes a counter that logs each perfect corner hit!

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  4. This program is directed towards novice programmers looking for alternate input methods and the use of TextLib. What started out as a simple task of making a high or low game quickly turned into a challenge when my teacher said he could "break" any program. So I whipped this up to show that it is unbreakable. See if you can find any bugs! Aside from wanting to play the high or low game, please look at the code to see how you can learn to make alternate input systems. Try to optimize it! Hopefully you can learn or get some practice from the code (which is my goal ^^) NOTE: You must have a ti-84 CE calc, with OnBlock by MateoConLechuga and TextLib by DrDnar (download separately)

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  5. A port of a port of a puzzle game made by Scognito. Have your frog jump on all the green lily pads at least once to complete each level. Comes with the original 100 levels and 30 extra levels using an extended rule set.

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  6. A collection of pictures and usable backgrounds. This may be updated with more media in the future. When updates come, make sure to read the "CHANGELOG.txt" to see what was added. This version includes Cheetahmen, Mario, Zelda, and Lake Tahoe.

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  7. IcyCraft is a 2D graphics, 3D world, layered Minecraft clone, with textures I made myself. This game has just about everything you'd expect from a look-alike of Minecraft! v2.13.4: Added Exp points! Fixed generator bug. v2.13.3: Added seeds! Now the game can generate the same world from the same seed! v2.13.2: Fixed a game-breaking bug, fixed input problems. v2.13.0: Added gravel hills (in the sky) biome and garbage collect handler.

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  8. Xenon is a sleek shell and launcher program that has support for running programs and Terminal, an organized and Astonishing GUI. running commands, Password lock your shell and much more with Xenon. Download now! Version [Beta] 0.1.1

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  9. The is a guess a number game and you try to guess the number.
    You set the bounds and you can also guess up to 3 numbers
    This is my first game and Good Luck!

    This version adds a new game mode and a DCS icon

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  10. A remake of the game Maze Dash for mobile devices, now on the CE. The game features almost 300 levels of varying difficulty. The goal is to fill the map with a snake that can only move in one direction at a time. Look for tiles that may help you along the way! Read the included README.txt for controls and instructions. Recent version: Added check to appvar, fixed palette swapping, updated continue sprite. Patched level 8-15 and included patching program so previous users do not need to reset.

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  11. Essentially a glorified screensaver, this program showcases the beauty of parametric functions by drawing mesmerizing patterns across your screen.

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  12. In this installment, the cats are attacked my caterites, or cat pirates, and you must shoot them down to destroy them, in increasingly harder difficulties.

    Requires libtext.

    The status bar IS there despite what the screenshot shows.

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  13. This requires CMonster. <br /> <br /> An 11 level Minecraft themed CMonster pack! <br /> <br /> Difficulty: Medium

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  14. Mahjong Solitaire for the TI-84 Plus CE. Features 127 levels! Attempt to remove all 144 tiles from the board as quickly as possible. Also includes source code and a layout converter for Kyodai levels.

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  15. your character is currently trying to escape a mine
    after a cave in the map begins with a large amount of
    randomly placed blocks you can push around blocks labeled
    theta but not the ones labeled O also scattered around the map
    are coins labeled C you start with 50 of these and collect
    more from bonuses at the end of levels these coins can be spent
    after levels to buy power ups (you start with a drill power up by the way)
    i don't know who you're buying these power ups from though maybe a
    super intelligent helmet. your character has to reach the ladder
    in the bottom right hand corner to continue forward.

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  16. Folders allows you to create folders/programs that you can pack and unpack by running them.
    If you find any bug or if you have any suggestions please post it.

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  17. Thank you for downloading this program!

    This is a program that lets you find the value of any key for use in your ICE programs.
    Hope you enjoy! This does not need any shells, libraries or subprograms.

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  18. Pieman7373; Newton’s Method
    This program was initially created in November 2016 by Kaleb Allinson (My AP Calculus teacher), but i looked at the code and said that i could make it more user friendly to normal (non-calculator savvy) folk, so he let me. This program is for using Newton’s method of finding the x-intercept(s) of a function in Calculus. THis program will work on the TI-84+(SE), TI-84+CSE, and TI-84+CE calculators. Enjoy!! :D

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  19. [_iPhoenix_'s CC20 Sea Entry!]
    You are a fish living in an ocean current, and lots of food and poisonous pollutants float your way!

    Have fun trying to eat all of the fish food (periods) and avoid the poison (weird plot mark thingies)!

    -Includes a pause menu with an in-game tutorial! (explained in README.txt)
    -Fish customization options! (You could play this game 64 times without repeating fish!)
    -Highscores table!

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  20. Waver CE is a quick game that I made over the course of about three days. It features a wave mode inspired by that of Geometry Dash in which you are tasked with dodging obstacles at increasing speed while modifiers constantly impact gameplay. It includes lots of animations, color customization, and changeable settings. I hope you enjoy!
    -Flappy Bird style game mode
    -new night mode
    -graphics improvements
    -completely reworked main menu

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  21. ARAMCE is the updated version of ARAM for the TI84 Plus. This program approximates area under a function with three different approximation methods: Rams, Trapezoidal Rule, and Simpson's Rule. Please read the readme for more info.

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  22. You are a businessman who buys and sells gold. This is not the only thing you do though. There are many twists included in the game to put a more strategic feel to it. Buy, sell, invest, and much more! Feedback will be very much appreciated on ideas that I can include in my next version. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for downloading!

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  23. F15 is a fractal grapher with many features: plot Mandelbrot, Julia, Sierpinski, and custom formulas; customize color preferences; adjust pixilation range from 7x7 pixels to 1x1 pixel; customize iteration range; and do much more. The mystery of fractals is now easily accessible to everyone.

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  24. This is a level pack for Portal Returns CE. This pack contains 4 intense levels. Can you beat them all!?!

    Note: You must have Portal Returns CE

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  25. A Maze Game with two modes, Easy and Hard. In hard mode the path disappears behind you, so be careful!

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  26. Trap the mouse is a two player game where one person attempts to trap a mouse using hexagonal pillars while another player attempts to navigate the mouse to safety. It comes with changeable settings.

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  27. This program draws random circles around on the graphscreen in random spots, going from a radius of 1 to 35, and using a random color for each line the calculator draws. Fun stops when a key is pressed. Just something fun I was playing with to learn about the Circle( command and how it uses colors. Plus it's nice to see how it interacts with the other circles already drawn out.

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  28. A Chip-8 emulator/interpreter for the TI-84 Plus CE. Most if not all games should work as all opcodes are implemented, including Super Chip-8 instructions. The zip file contains a ROM converter, the emulator, and a readme explaining how to set everything up. (v2.3.0)

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    This program will solve a system of equations requiring a 3x3 matrix, using Cramer's law visually.

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  30. This is a fairly simplistic and fun game. Where you choose what you character should do based on a list of options.

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  31. This TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition version of my Dynamic Recursive Fractal Generator takes advantage of the new calculator's bigger color screen to generate detailed, colorful fractals. It now renders faster and more accurately, and you can cleanly escape by pressing any key. Simply enter
    a coefficient for the fractal, sit back, and enjoy. Now with Doors CSE 8 icon!

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  32. This program is for all of us high school and college students that are fussing over what we need to get on finals! Just plug in the numbers where you are prompted and the calculator will do the rest! NOTE: 'W' should be in percent, not decimal form (i.e. '80' for 80%, not '0.80')

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  33. A top-down Doom-like Game
    -Currently no working gun
    -Currently no fully functioning enemies
    -Includes rudimentary level editor

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  34. First Fantasy II: Pokéwalrus is one of the largest TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE calculator game available. It is a RPG inspired by the Pokémon, The Reign of Legends and Illusiat series and serves as an indirect sequel to Darkblasters for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus monochrome calculators and First Fantasy: Mana Force for the TI-84
    Plus C Silver Edition, TI-83 Premium CE and TI-84 Plus CE (Python models included). Set over 1000 years past two apocalypses, you live in a world where almost everything is a walrus due to radioactive fallout causing widespread mutations over time. Walruses in this world battles as many species for fame and it is now your day. However, a threat also seems nearby and it is possible that the future of this world lies in your hands.

    There are 15 dungeons, a large overworld map, 23 different attack moves, 2 healing spells, 306 playable characters spanning 10 elemental classes and it is generally more like Palworld when it comes to open-world exploration. Battles are 3 against 3 characters instead of 1 on each side.

    Requires Celtic CE library (see links).

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  35. Enter a polynomial. Same syntax as PEMS. However, this has one crucial change. One that took weeks of working on the engine...


    While PEMS has support for expressions like *:(x^2+x)(x+45)

    ExpandCE can expand expressions such as *:(x^2+5y^2x^5z^2)(99B^2*54x^3)

    Warning: This is an early release. There will be bugs. If you see one, please PM me.

    Note: This is SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWW. The engine has a lot more work to do. While I'm working on speeding it up, if you don't need multiple variables don't use it.

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  36. This Program will allow you to take full advantage of the clock, date, and timer features of our caculator, without needing to know any of the tedious syntax for the functions. It allows you to Set the Time and Date, view a real-time clock, use the built in timer, and preform many complex calculations, including:
    -finding the Day of the Week
    -converting a large amount of seconds to Days, Hour, Minutes, and Seconds
    -finding the amount of days between two dates
    -and much more!
    This will NOT work for TI 84-Plus CSE, as the menu bug (seen in the screenshots) will make it very hard to use

    Sorry about the error bug in screenshots,I had to use a TI-84 Plus CSE emulator, and those still have the menu bug. THe program looks fine on the 84 Plus CE, however.

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  37. Ever played Impossible Dial on your iPhone and wondered why you couldn't play it on your 84pce? Well, now you can stop wondering with Dial! Dial is an Impossible Dial port full of features including: high score storage (in an archived appvar) and increasing speed as gameplay continues! How far can you go?

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  38. This will allow you to bounce text instead of pixels around your screen. Read the included readme for further instructions.

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  39. A clone of an arcade classic, where you try to match three or more jewels horizontally, diagonally, and vertically without overflowing the top of the play area. Play the classic arcade mode or original mode where you try to play as long as possible without losing, or "Flash columns" mode where you try to clear a target jewel at the bottom of the stack.

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  40. This is a game that is easy to play but hard to master! Evade "aggressive" snails that come in increasingly fast waves! Features fancy animations, an epic custom font, and much more! Check the readme and the thread for details:

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  41. This is a fun animation I've been meaning to do since I got my CSE. After painstakingly fixing an image that was screen grabbed from the movie, I now have this fully animated and looking lively! Set your calculator to Red Alert and let others know your calculator is standing by for battle.

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  42. This is a chemistry program that I've made for when I took AP Chemistry last year. I normally don't release my TI-Basic programs, but I thought I'd release this BASIC program that will help any AP Chemistry students.

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  43. Test numbers to see if they are a Prime number. If the number has factors (not a prime number), you can view them. Enjoy!

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  44. A fun mind bending game where a user must navigate through a maze, you can now create your own DLC pack of mazes by using MAZEEDIT
    and then pasting the list into your DLC program.

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  45. Study is a completely on-calculator flashcard and self-quiz suite in TI-BASIC for the TI-84 Plus CE (it's untested on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition but may still work). There are three programs: STUDY, INITSTDY, and INITDRAW. See the file "README.txt" for detailed instructions and other information regarding each program.

    I hope that the Study suite will be useful and would greatly appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, and/or bug reports (especially regarding usage on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition as I do not own one on which to test the Study suite myself)!

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  46. A beta text editor for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition that still has much need for optimization.

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  47. DR0VE is a game where you must strive to get the fastest time possible racing a car on a quarter mile, half mile, or full mile drag strip. You’ll have to configure your car to do well in this game. For example, for the mile you’ll need a car with a high top speed, but for the quarter mile, acceleration is more important. Three unlicensed cars are included. Have fun!

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  48. In this strangely fun and satisfying program, you can bounce a bouncy ball in a small room! More details in the readme! Huge thanks to JWinslow23 for taking the time to slice off a ton of bytes from this program.

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  49. An editor for sprites, icons, fonts, tilesets and tilemaps. Including useful tools for programming in ICE.

    TOOLS: color picker, key value, RGB for palettes, character table, brightness changer, zoom, tabs, quit and restart without re-import, export directly to/from source code, ...

    NEW: better font editor, RLET sprites, tilemap editor, decimal to hex to bin, a few improvements

    Bugs and suggestions:

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  50. Too Many Boats is a fast-paced game of decisions written in pure BASIC for CC20 water.

    You are the commander of a Dock, you have: 3 docks, a revenue requirement, reputation, and a time limit.
    Within the time limit, you must decide to either accept or reject barges carrying a variety of goods and rewards, let them finish unloading at your dock, and gain the required amount of money! Make sure to pay attention to your reputation though, with reputation you can buy perks to advance far into the later levels! Thank you to SM84CE for adding some needed optimizations and improvements! Requires CE OS 5.2 or above.

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