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These files are for the TI-84 Plus CE, 83 Premium CE, and other "CE" calculators with color screens. BASIC programs are compatible with the TI-84 Plus CSE and some BASIC programs written for monochrome 83+/84+ calculators will also work correctly. Assembly and C programs must be written for the CE calculators specifically; running them on calculators with an OS newer than 5.5 requires jailbreaking the calculator.


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  1. This project was never finished, but what has been done showcases some of CE Textlib's rectangle command capabilities with the use of low-resolution sprites. A faster sprite-displaying technique was discovered later but never implemented as I forgot what the code does. Good luck understanding the code. XD

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  2. TransliteratorCE is a program to transliterate text on your calculator. This means that this program can display text you give, in another alphabet/writing system!
    You want to display something in Runes? This program makes that possible on your calculator!

    Supported alphabets:
    * Elder Futhark (Runes),
    * Nyctograph,
    * Ogham,
    * Phoenician,
    * Proto-Sinaitic

    Please read the README.txt file!

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  3. Analog clock written in TI-BASIC. Hit [MODE] to adjust settings, change time, etc. You can also access a shell from this menu to do calculations without quitting the program.

    To set a custom clock face, save it as Pic1 and set Z to 42 before running the program. An example is included with the download.

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  4. This is a puzzle game where you are a caterpillar, inspired by the game Snakebird.
    In each level, you have to eat all of the fruit before making it to the goal. Each
    fruit makes you bigger, and because caterpillars cannot in fact phase through
    themselves, you have to be careful not to get stuck! Also, caterpillars are not
    immune to the force of gravity, so you will fall down if you aren't standing on
    something. Oh, and spikes. Did I mention the spikes? Yeah, those will kill you too if
    you're not careful. Although the earlier levels are somewhat easy, they get a LOT
    more difficult later on, providing you with plenty of playtime. There are 25 levels
    in total, and a level creator. If you create a cool level, send it to us and we could
    include it in the next game!

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  5. Instructions:
    Import 'Program.8xp' to calculator
    For a blank canvas:{
    Set R variable to 1
    For an example image:{
    Import 'Premade image matrix.8xm'
    Set R variable to 0
    Run the program
    After it displays the loaded image on the graph screen, press [ENTER] to start putting in information.
    Put an X and Y coordinate and then a color or color ID.
    The X coordinate is the horizontal position and Y is vertical.

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  6. With this program you'll be able to convert date formats!
    It can convert to and from Julian day numbers and Ordinal date codes. It can also convert Julian dates to Gregorian dates and reversed!

    Very much thanks to RoccoLox Programs, for allowing the use of his program!

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  7. Emulate a cool ancient math tool
    on your modern math tool!

    Probably the simplest emulator
    written in TI-Basic!

    -show current number
    -reset beads

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  8. This program will draw tiny cyndaquils all over your graph screen.

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  9. A maze game made in TI-BASIC. Inspired by the maze game found here:

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  10. One of my favorite board games growing up was RISK, a game known for taking forever to finish. One of the largest parts of this game is the time it takes for attacks to happen with dice being rolled for what feels like an eternity. This program aims to solve this by automatically rolling the optimal number of dice for the attacker and defender, as well as providing different rolling options:

    Single: Carry out one attack
    Blitz: attack until either army is defeated
    Limit: attack until defender is defeated or attacker reaches a certain number of troops

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  11. I made this game as practice with getKey and Output(. you can move the player with the arrow keys. if you go off the edge of the screen, you will appear at the other side. UPDATE Added trees. you can hide behind the branches and leaves.

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  12. A highly optimized quiz program written in TI Basic for the TI-84 Plus CE. All the problems are randomly generated and after you have finished a quiz, you can see your accuracy and the number of problems you got correct.

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  13. A simple program where you input a number, and it outputs its prime factors.
    It doubles as a prime number checker.

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  14. Base 3 CE is the new and improved version of the Base series, with new updates and improved gameplay and graphics. With 41 unlockable achievements, this game provides hours of play! This new version of Base Invade has color text (thanks to Dr. D'nar's CE TextLib) and custom font sprites (thanks to Iambian's CE font hooks). Base 3 CE includes more difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, Crazy!, and INSANE!!. This program has had positive feedback from others, so be sure to spend some time and check it out! NOTE: For better performance, it is recommended to use calculators with revision I or later with operating system or later installed.

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  15. This is an advanced disassembler for the CE. If you ever wanted to look at the OS without being able to grab CEmu, this is the right place to be! You can either disassemble the OS or any assembly/C/ICE program. Including syntax highlighting and fast scrolling, this program is a must-have for looking inside your calculator.

    - Disassembling the OS
    - Disassembling any assembly/C/ICE program
    - Syntax highlighting
    - (Fast) scrolling
    - Jumping to address or equate
    - Customizing output format

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  16. While it's not much for my first upload to Cemetech, it's something. Enjoy this mockery of your typical low effort call X app on android.

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  17. NORMCHK is a program for checking if your data follows a Normal (Gaussian) distribution!

    Note: This Normality check relies on finding the correlation coefficient of the Normal probability or quantile (a.k.a "Q-Q") plot of a variable. There are MANY ways to assess the Normality of a sample distribution; this is one of them.

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  18. ZAP is a TI-84 PCE key tester. That's literally it.

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  19. This is a screensaver written in ICE for the TI-84 Plus CE. Watch the video or read the README for more details.

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  20. This is a program for the TI-84 Plus CE that makes doing cosecants, cotangents, secants, arccosecants, arccotangents, and arcsecants much easier. Cosecants, cotangents, and secants (+ their inverses) are not readily available on the TI-84 Plus CE, instead you have to enter 1/sin(x) for csc(x), sin^-1(1/x) for arcsc(x), and etc. While the aforementioned method is possible, it may get a little tiring when calculating many values in rapid succession at a time using csc, cot, and sec (+ their inverses). This program makes it easier as it gives you a menu of those 6 functions and allows you to calculate them.

    The Program is called "CSCTRIG"

    Works in both Radian and Degree Mode.

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  21. This is a chemistry program that I've made for when I took AP Chemistry last year. I normally don't release my TI-Basic programs, but I thought I'd release this BASIC program that will help any AP Chemistry students.

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  22. Brainfoo can interpret and compress(assemble) brain**** code. As it runs in TI Basic, it is pretty slow, but assembling to a list can speed that up.

    How assembling works: The assembler reads through the string and turns each character into a number. It also searches for the loop commands so that the assembly runner doesn't have to. This makes programs easier to store and faster to run.

    Please view the BFreadme.txt file in the archive and make sure to copy ALL the programs and lists to the calculator.

    V1.1 Bug fixes and code cleanup
    v1.0 - Release

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  23. a basic game i made while i was bored, dont expect much

    its just basic movement and a a few random numbers

    the game ends when the enemy touches you

    a brief explanation of the screenshots:

    the first is the start menu

    the ones with the + and * is how gameplay looks
    the + is the player and the * is the enemy

    the enemy movement is a random number for x and y, corresponding to the
    player x and y

    the one with game over is the game over screen
    it displays how many cycles of the game you survived

    please excuse the bad description and readme

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  24. CSRacing Car Maker lets you create your own custom cars for Calculator Street Racing and Calculator Street Racing Deluxe via Python.
    It can be used as a free and slightly more in depth alternative to the built in Car Creator found in the original game.

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  25. Just load the program onto the calculator and run it. Dark Mode will be enabled until you turn the calculator off. The code for this file is open-source. (Here's a link:

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  26. A simple program that allows you to calculate maximum heart rate, heart rate reserve, and target heart rate using the resting heart rate and percent ranges for the target heart rate (usually 60-85%). Only the TI-84 Plus CE is supported due to some of the margins I used for the text. (I haven't tested it on the base TI-84). (Please be gentle, this is my first program ever, and first time posting here. Thank you! ^_^)

    Program Name: HRCALCPE

    NOTE: When entering the lower and upper % limits, only enter the value; do not enter as a decimal and do not use any symbols. Read Me linked to this post goes more in depth.

    Please let me know of any other issues! :-)

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  27. The ultimate drag racing game just got more intense. Powered by the one of the most advanced racing engines ever seen in a pure TI-BASIC game, CSRacing II allows you buy, paint, tune, and race 13 different cars on 2 detailed tracks in 7 different event types. Compete with your friends for the best times in Time Trials, Conquer the 6 championships of Special Events, or just test your car's top speed in Machine Test. You can also race in returning events like Regulation, Ladder, Custom Spec and the challenging Car Specific races. How you race is for you to decide.
    V1.1 fixes a bug where car weight was incorrectly calculated after switching cars, makes the player ID now display in the top left of the Records screen, and adds a new section to the tuning menu that allows you to view your car's gear ratios and final drive ratio.

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  28. This is a dumb program I made to annoy my friend who hates the Jump In The Cadillac song. Press enter to make the lyrics duplicate. Press on to stop the program.

    This works perfectly on the TI-84+ CE and the TI-84+ CSE. It also works on the TI-83/84+, but some characters will go past the screen (You can modify it to work just fine though).

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  29. This is a simplistic maze generator for the CSE and CE. The code is old, but still plenty of fun to mess about with. Each maze will fill the screen, provide only one path to the exit, and only take a single-digit number of minutes to generate (maybe). A minigame to solve the maze is also bundled in.

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  30. This Basic program can convert Kelvin, Celsius, and Farenheight from anything to anything. Because this is Basic it will run on pretty much any TI calculator. This oughta help in Physical Science and I plan on making more programs for this class.

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  31. Made in TI-Basic for the TI-84 Plus CE, allows:

    - Flagging with Alpha
    - 3x3 removal with 2nd when #Around - #Flags = Label#
    - Pause feature w/ Clear that remembers everything in your session
    - Loading bar w/ key instructions
    - Resume menu that reveals the mine (#Mines - #Flags)
    - 15s load times to generate the board (factoring in 5s to draw the screen)

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  32. Graph-based maze game.
    No in-game editor, so you'll have to edit the matrices manually.
    It doesn't have a win condition, so it's mostly a sandbox game for you to mess with.

    The README includes instructions for use.

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  33. A program to wirelessly communicate between 2 Ti-84 plus CE-T python edition's

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  34. An ongoing project over the past few months. Building upon the version of MineSweeper I coded in Ti Basic in May. It includes 15 different variants of MineSweeper, several difficulties, a gui menu, a flag counter, and custom games. The board can have a maximum size of 52x27 using the smallest font, or 28x16 using the large font.

    I still need to code a win/loss screen along with high scores, so I still have a bit to code before the game is finished.

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  35. This program is coded in Python and can only be executed on Python calculators. You will enter "fib(" then put in the number of fibonacci numbers that you want and close the parenthesis. It will display the fibonacci numbers in sequence format. 100% accurate and under 200 bytes!

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  36. This is a port of my Doors CS 7 Clock to the CE. It's sort of a proof of concept, since literally all shells have clocks now, but still kind of cool. It uses the Celtic CE libraries and will work with any CE shell that supports monochrome icons. The program must be in the RAM to function properly.

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  37. The classic game of Mancala, now on your calculator. Take turns playing against a friend, or practice your Mancala skills against a rigorous CPU AI.

    See readme.txt for instructions and controls.

    Tested working on 83+, 84+SE, and 84+CE. Should also run on 83 and 84+CSE, but untested.

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  38. CEPORT CE is a CE port of CEPORT an on-calc utility for porting monochrome 83+/84+ TI-BASIC programs to the CSE/CE.
    Just enter the name of the program you want to convert, and CEPORT will modify Text( and Pxl commands to look and run correctly on the CE. The converted programs from CEPORT are smaller than the output from other TI-BASIC converters, making this ideal for TI-BASIC developers who want a fast way to port to the CE or for CE users wanting to play out classic monochrome TI-BASIC games on their CE.

    Requires Celtic CE.

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  39. This is a tech demo showcasing how dithering allows TI-BASIC programs to display up to 225 colors instead of the usual 15. Input a seed for the randomizer, and watch as this pure TI-BASIC program draws squares of up to 225 different colors.

    This technique is a bit too slow to be practical for use in games, but it looks cool.

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