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Name Description Average rating Downloads This my take on a BASIC shell for the TI83+. The goal was to make it as small as possible. It is less than 3KB. See the Readme file for more info. No ratings 153 This program keeps a detailed record of your pocket money. Introducing a one time only start-up screen and custimization. A greeting is displayed depending on the current time on the calculator. The ability to add/remove your pocket change in a isolated fashion gives you more in… No ratings 322
APD This BASIC/Asm combo program allows you to turn on or off the Automatic Power Down function. Long Desc: (The readme file) Project: APD Options Date: 5/11/2013-5/11/2013 Authors: [ Usernames] willwac, parrotgeek1 [ Usernames] calc.bugs, ???… No ratings 343 Mocked from the website which prompts you to type "Please answer my question" then "state your question". I have successfully ported this to the TI-83/84/+/SE calc. No ratings 201 Gives you the awesome face and a compliment. Now includes three programs, each with unique compliments and a cool Doors CS Icon! Based on the Google Chrome extension which can be found here (you have to be in Chrome): ttps:// Details are in the readme. 7/10 (1) 174 A line that bounces around your screen. Simple programming makes it easily customizable, and easy to expand upon. Program is unlocked, but any changes are your own responsibility. Please don't distribute code without expressed permission. 10/10 (1) 415 A line that bounces around your screen. Based on a previous version, BOUNCING is similar to BOUNCE2 in function, but entirely different in code. BOUNCING runs on a few lines of code, and uses no variables. The only data BOUNCING modifies is your Window\'s dimensions, and the Ans… No ratings 402 For use with the Prob Sim Application. Though, it is not required. This program IS DEPENDANT on an outside source, and will not work as a stand alone. This program uses the lists CARD, DRAW, and SUIT, to create data. The flash application, Prob Sim creates these lists (Under opt… No ratings 273 CBL Console provides a quick and easy way to test CBL commands without cluttering the homescreen. Designed for use with the TI CBL, TI CBL 2, or Vernier LabPro. No ratings 185 Clock is a basic clock utility, which displays the current date and time. Additionally, it offers the ability to set the date and time. Because this program uses the clock functions of the TI-84 Plus series calculators, it will not work on the TI-83 Plus or its Silver Edition. No ratings 233 Hi, this program is basically a locking utility for the calcs listed above. (Ti-83+/83+SE/84/84+/84+SE) It's NOT breakable by the ON key and uses a 4-KEY password. Allowing for about 4 Million possible passwords. Comes with: 3 apps, so it can't be removed from the RAM, d… No ratings 360 Get your calc clean and running like new! Includes options to reset settings, clear variables, and more, all in a convenient and small program! Note on TI-83 version: All of the commands are compatible, but is the file format is incorrect or you cannot send it to your TI-83 plea… No ratings 159 Temporary IDE project in progress. No ratings 227
Compiler Beta This is an oncalc compiler. See readme for details. No ratings 143
Compiler Beta This is an oncalc compiler that support Ion and MOS. See readme for details. No ratings 193 This is an oncalc compiler that supports all of the major shells and has tons of other features! See readme for complete list! Download today! No ratings 231 This is an oncalc compiler that supports all of the major shells. It is very easy to use, and this version includes every z80 command! Download today! (Note: The screenshot is from an older version.) No ratings 317
Contrast Version This is a simple program that allows you to change the Contrast. It was made manly to test the DCS GUI Basic Lib. DoorsCS is required! No ratings 290 Type something to your calculator and receive a random response. Must have DoorsCS 7 to run. No ratings 157 Stop Watch and Count Down Timer. 10/10 (1) 439 Generates a random phrase for you, based off of sentence structures and vocab. You can add vocabulary and different sentence structures, and you can also choose to add a pre-existing set of vocab, along with a sentence structure, if you want. See the README for more information. 10/10 (1) 219 Want to make an 8x8 or a 16x16 icon for your Doors CS program? Well now you can easily make your hexadecimal icon strings with the graph screen! Just draw your icon with the pen tool and store to Pic9 and use this program to make your string, and recall Str9 in your program for … No ratings 144 This program will create a Doors CS 7 header for your Axe programs. It has custom icon support and custom description support. No ratings 269 Ahoy Fellow DMs! Have your players ever said, "Hey, let's kill that random NPC!", but you had no stats for said NPC? Fear no more! With this handy NPC Generator you can create a complete NPC in seconds! NPCs are given a Name, Health, Armor Class, and all stats. Stats are also p… No ratings 104 D-Term is a fully scriptable Basic CLI interface designed for use with DoorsCS6 (although it can be used noshell). Thanks to Benjamin Moody for the error handler. No ratings 244 The CAD 3D program made by kerm in 2002, but with a lot of new functions and bugfixes. If you aren't sure how to use it, the file include a huge walkthroug for the most imporiant parts of the program. I am sorry that there is no support for plain TI83, but that version is to com… No ratings 303 Design 3D v3.2 is problably the best 3D modelling program for the TI 83/84 plus. With Design 3D, you can make lines in Isometric 3D in edit mode, in table mode, you can change any coordinates for the lines, you can also detete, insert, copy, cut, paste or replace any lines you w… No ratings 234 Design 3D is one of the few 3D modelling tools for the TI 83/+ series of calculators, one the best ones. It has a total of seven save slots, up to 498 lines (in 3D) per project, animation, three different modes (Editor,Table and View) and tons of usefull functions. This version … No ratings 351
Document Processor This program was designed for the people who want to type up documents, and be able to easily save, and call said documents. It currently features the actual document processor, a document reader, organizeable archives for saved and imported documents, and GeCuMeSy for all menu … No ratings 373 This program will take a dollar amount that you input and break it to its smallest forms. Currently, it is only compatible with USD (unless another form of currency works the same way as USD, then that currency will also work). If I get enough support for another currency, I w… No ratings 132 Create a Doors CS icon for your program using this simple program! Simply draw an icon and this program inserts it directly into the program you want, no expertise needed! You can also convert the icon into hexadecimal code, stored in Str0. Requires Doors CS 7.0 or higher. No ratings 17 It's untested, because I do not have the calculators to test it. It requires: 2 Calculators. They do not need to be identical models, but need to be higher than 83+SE It also requires a calc-calc I/O cable. Please test it if you can. No ratings 226 This program actually contains two programs, one from me and one from tibasic. The co-authors are the ones that lead me to the site and helped me to better understand how to make the program, so thank you. For all of the legality about tibasic's program, please read the first … No ratings 190 Engine Todo List is a Todo List program that keeps you engaged and productive by offering points (called Sparks) for each task you complete. Spend these points at the Motor Shop to customize your cursor and unlock minigames! Engine is fully compatible between the CSE and monochr… No ratings 234
Fake Version This is a little program that simulates the memory menu, so it is easier to cheat on tests. :) xLib is required, be sure to check out the screenshot! 9/10 (1) 451 Fiddle 3.0 features a "slick" acsii gui, with a built in TI-BASIC console and a multi tasking capable core. for more info on the API or the shell please visit: 10/10 (1) 202 A customizable menu system to be used much like the Menu( command. In replacement of labels, GECUMESY uses numbers for activating lines of code, then returning to a previous menu, without having to store the menu's data back into it's assigned string. By using this method, you c… No ratings 276 Easily get the value to an ASCII character No ratings 149 This program will parse a program and replace certain commands with another command. ie: :^QUITR is replaced with :ClrHome:ClrDraw:Return the Lib can be edited and expanded to do anything you want, just edit the thetaLIB program using the basic editor. also you can incl… No ratings 229 Includes: ID v9.0 for TI-8x Plus, ID v9.1 for TI-84 Plus, ID v9.1E for TI-83 Plus | Ever wanted an easy way to let people know how to contact you if you lost your calculator? Well now you can! As well as check the battery level at every startup, set a custom contrast setting at … No ratings 191 This program helps the user find errors in the ribbon cable connecting the calculator's mainboard to the LCD board. Failures in this cable can selectively affect certain text, so this program displays normal text, small text, and menu (inverted) text. It can also make a checkerb… No ratings 204 The absolute newest version of LinuxOS as of May 8th, 2013. This program requires the newest version of the BatLib parser hook (included) to run. Execute program LINUXOS first, and choose Build System. This will compile all of the Linux Progs, and set up a user environment and b… 4.5/10 (2) 423 Lists is a simple basic program that uses the calculator's pictures to store text that the program has you enter. You can have up to five lists stored at one time and each list has a title and can have up to 9 items entered into it. When creating a list the program will ask … No ratings 11
Log-In This Program Allows The User To Add A Login/Sign-In Function To Their Program. No ratings 290 This is a fairly simple program that calculates the value of all of the pieces on a side of the board or the entire board, provided that you tell it how many of each kind there are. It uses a list to store the values, which can be customized and viewed all within the program. Th… No ratings 140 This recursive in-place mergesort algorithm allows you to quickly sort lists. This algorithm runs in O(n log n) time for both the average and worst cases. No ratings 258
MuseInc Beta MuseInc is the program that makes Axe music making easier! Requires DCS7(or Celtic III) and Axe parser. No ratings 68
MuseInc OR MuseInc is music maker made with TI-BASIC/Celtic III. It helps making music with axe. Please read the read me file for more information. No ratings 38
MuseInc OR MuseInc lets you create and export music ON-CALC! Requires Axe and DCS7/Celtic 3 No ratings 256 NoteMan is essentially a simple sound driver for the TI-84+ calculators including the TI-84+CSE. It can be used to easily interact with external audio devices (such as headphones or speakers) through either TI-BASIC or Z80 Assembly. It can be used to play songs stored as music s… 10/10 (3) 708
New 84+ ONLY! Run this program to check how long it is to the New Year. Just a small little program to figure out how many more drinks you need to drink until the New Year. No ratings 139 OPENXDCS is a BASIC lib to make DoorsCS-style GUI available even in BASIC programs with minimal use of Pics. It uses the power of xLIB to do all the graphics and is pretty quick to do it too. Therefore, to make it more simple, the syntax used for XDCS is similar to that of xLIB.… No ratings 207
OTBP Assembler 1!.zip The ultimate oncalc assembler! Supports all z80 commands, including relative addressing and index registers; supports any combination of decimal, binary, hex, ASCII, and equates; also supports Ion, Mirage, and DoorsCS, has error trapping, and more! Download today! No ratings 196
OTBP Assembler The ultimate oncalc compiler! Supports all z80 commands, including relative addressing and index registers; supports any combination of decimal, binary, hex, ASCII, and equates; also supports Ion, Mirage, and DoorsCS, has error trapping, and more! Download today! No ratings 221 This is a decent program for your TI 83+/84+. It will generate a random phrase for your calculator. This was made in under a day during ISATS. To recommend more phrases, send an email to No ratings 170 THese two programs convert any (multiple of 8 less than 60) by (same multiple of 8 less than 60) into hexdecimal coding and back using simple techniques. Doors CS 4+ compatible (don't know why you all aren't using DCS6 though....). Look in the readme for more informtion. No ratings 227 Allows you to lock, unlock, archive, and unarchive your programs Press mode to toggle Lock, Enter to toggle archive, Clear to Quit No ratings 239 TI-BASIC Programs which are designed to be easy to use, fast, and accurate. Forum: Last Update: 8.13.11 No ratings 482 Reset your variables in RAM, graph settings, etc but keep programs and flags. Will set the clock if it is (obviously with no doubt) wrong, and tells you how much RAM you have and the battery level. No ratings 143 Reminder is a DoorsCS7 BASIC program to help you manage, create, and remind you of events. It uses the advanced DoorsCS GUI, Celtic3 libraries, and xLIB libraries found in DoorsCS7. This program is very user friendly, and includes a calendar to help in adding events. This pro… 9/10 (1) 239 Ver. 1 A simple schedule program I made for school. Any tips on optimization or bug reports are very welcome. No ratings 149 SecTimer is a timer program for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus series of calculators. Although this program may work on other calculators, it has not been tested. It has been tested on the TI-84 Plus CE and it did not work. This program works similarly to the startTmr command (wh… 9/10 (1) 201 This utility is for creating Statistical sprites from hexadecimal or binary data. the sprites can be any width or height just run the program and follow all the prompts. Output is stored to L1 and L2. No ratings 249 This program solves all 9x9 sudokus. Just start it up and press enter to input a new sudoku. Then type in the numbers of your sudoku starting at the upper left corner to the right column by column. Type a zero for free spaces. Use the DEL-button to undo last input and retype… No ratings 105 v9.0 for TI-84 Plus and v8.0.1E for TI-83 Plus. This program allows you to: Set the time, Set contrast, Check RAM, Check battery, View specifications, Check the time, Toggle lowercase, rotate the screen, set a pixel offset, toggle APD, and GarbageCollect. Enable more features wi… No ratings 276 This program will give the day of the week for any inputted date. No ratings 83 A skeleton IDE to test multi-"window" management. Basically only allows you to scroll through programs... No ratings 191 Update: 3.16.12 New Programs STRTPRGM: new design Programs MATH ANGLPOLY: gives the measure of the interior and exterior angles of any regular polygon from 3 to 24 sides FOIL: performs the First Inner Outer Last technique in solving inequalities LINEINFO: gives … No ratings 372 This program allows you to easily check the time when needed. It also displays the date on the top right. Nothing more just a Clock. If you encounter any bugs please contact me: No ratings 3
TI-MAIL TI-Mail is an advanced mail program created with the DCSB Libs so, Doors CS 7 is required to use it 8.5/10 (2) 290 This is the last version of my timers. It includes Setup for the graphscreen, Cleanup for erasing all possibly used vars (it's just a general cleanup-prgm I use at the end of all my prgm's), a menu to choose the needed timer. The two timers are the TMR3.3, just being a stopwatc… No ratings 235 A simple BASIC program, which I often use as I don't have a watch, and phones aren't allowed at school. No ratings 204 A timer made in basic Only 400 bytes! No ratings 4 A Harry Potter Currency converter. No ratings 267 Harry Potter Currency Converter. No ratings 200 Awarded "Honorable Mention" at the Cemetech Contest #6, xDCS harnesses the power of xLIB to make DoorsCS GUI in you BASIC programs a snap! It has a minimal use of Pics so as to take up less space. Currently, this version supports Windows, Buttons and even a fully-functional Mous… No ratings 281 Abba caving is an event done in Minecraft where the event handler finds a cave that looks like it will span down to level 15 or lower, and has users join them on a caving quest for a limited amount of time. The goal is to gather ores for various types (like diamonds, emeralds, l… No ratings 232 This advanced chat program lets you connect two calculators by a cable or wireless link and chat back and forth. Graphical records show the last ten comments made. Always-receiving mode ensures that you don't miss any messages. Check out the screenshots! No ratings 674 This is a cool analog clock that lets you input the hour and minute and the beginning and counts indefinitely. It is a real clock, keeping nearly exact time, with an hour, minute, and second hand, as well as a digital readout of the time. Press any key to quit. Check out the scr… 6.3/10 (3) 693 ASM Tools is a multifunction utility for z80 programmers. There are four main sections of built-in dynamic tools, each meant to make programming easier. The Conversions section will convert to and from any of hexidecimal (base 16), binary (base 2), and decimal (base 10). The Cal… 10/10 (1) 380 The name says it all. This DCS6-optimized program interprets the BF program stored in Str0, and includes two sample programs for your viewing pleasure. The real-time interpreter includes a debugging output. No ratings 446 This program will clean up your claculator, i.e. delete all extraneous variables and modes, reset factory defaults, check the integrity of your RAM, and perform GarbageCollect. Super-useful! No ratings 355 Completely redesigned and reimagined, Charz allows programmers access to characters they cannot otherwise type in without asm support, or using a computer program to tokenize. This version now displays all the available tokens (over 120!) and lets you choose from them. You can c… No ratings 404 This program allows the user to chat with an artificial intelligence entity built into the program. It can carry on a basic conversation, and can be easily trained to say phrases other than those preprogrammed into it. Keep watching for updates with a more expansive vocabulary. No ratings 505 Enter minutes and seconds, and this cool timer will count down to it! Press [2nd] at any time to interrupt it. No ratings 352 Soon after the release of CountDown Timer, here is CountUp Timer! It will count indefinitely until you press [2nd] to stop it. A truly cool program, now for TI-83 and TI-83+! No ratings 345 The amazing tool for creating header icons to TI BASIC programs. Does now support 16*16 icons and open-icons-from-hex-value. No ratings 327 This simple yet powerful program will create the hex code for the header to a BASIC program. Using the three generated lines, your program will not only be recognized by Doors CS but will also have an 8x8 icon. This latest version has been completely updated and recoded by TIFre… No ratings 378 This handy program lets you send and receive variables from within Doors CS and most other shells. You can send and receive lists, pictures, matrices, and strings. Check it out! No ratings 273 This is the mouse kernal used in Doors CS 4.0, which you can now seamlessly integrate into your own programs. Simply call prgmDCSMOUSE from your program, and you can use a real graphical mouse cursor. No ratings 281 Design 3D v2.0 is a CAD 3D program for TI calculators, an upgrade of v1.0. In addition to creation and rotation of objects with up to 999 points in 3D space, it now supports better file swapping (up to 5 3D files can be saved at a time), oncalc help file, panning and zooming in … No ratings 310 This is version 3.0 of Document DE, a component of the Office DE calculator office suite. Now completely rewritten, you can save unlimited files in a single string - no more limit of 8 files! Also, in-document editing has been added, the interface has been improved, and several … No ratings 453 This is a file complete with graphics and logos that explains all about Doors XP v4.0 (the first asm release). It contains some invaluable information about supported file formats, interface, etc. Check it out! No ratings 276 Inspired by the author who recently released a "Grass Growing Simulator", I decided to develop a similar program that simulates the screen being painted in random places and then gradually drying. Quite fast; can be quit at any time by pressing a key. Doors CS optimized. 10/10 (1) 405 This incredible encryption engine for pictures can perform up to 64 bit encryption with a key of between 1 and 512. You must remember the bit level and key; even a single digit off will render the image unreadable. A great idea if you want to keep your files secure! No ratings 267 This program configures a standalone (WiFi) globalCALCnet bridge. Currently, the only such available device is the Spark Core, although other options may be available in the future. This program can set the WiFi credentials used by the bridge, as well as its local gCn hub name a… No ratings 373 This program allows you to connect to gCn very easily, you practically don't use a computer anymore, you set everything over the calculator. Check it out in action over here: No ratings 478 This is the first Alpaga Software release. Its sole use is to pick random 6/49 lottery numbers for you if you're too lazy to create them by yourself. Even if you use this program, it is very very very unlikely that you get the jackpot. Good Luck! Version française in… No ratings 122 This is an Internet Explorer type program that I was working on; it doesn't do much so far but will be infinitely more useful once I implement the TICI 1.0 compatibility that allows you to connect it to a computer modem and connect it to the Internet. No ratings 363 This simple program lets the user enter an integer between 0 and 9999999999999999 without using the Input command. This ensures that the user does not use symbols or characters that could cause errors in your programs. Simply call the program ZITIMP from your program and the use… No ratings 228 This program explains all about TICI 1.0, including its use, hardware devices it can connect to and will be able to interface in the near future. It explains the different icons used for TICI 1.0 and provides a website link to learn more. Check it out! No ratings 263 This is a cool program that allows you to keep score for two teams. Neat graphic display allow real-time editing of the scores. Just type 99.99 at any time to quit. No ratings 269 This is a fast yet powerful program that will take any keypress and return it as a value in Str1. Great for use in word processing programs and any other program that needs text input. Soon will be the base of Document DE v3.0. No ratings 248 This is a program that I am working on that lets you type using an onscreen keyboard. Check it out! No ratings 267 This is the TI-83+ version of the program that explains basic uses of the calculator to beginner users. Contains excellent graphics, an easy-to-understand format, and key definitions for many functions, including programs and apps. Check it out! No ratings 274 Included is a Python program for compressing data, and a calc program for decompressing compressed image data. The algorithm is basically LZ compression, but allows for arbitrary sized runs and indexes. For reference, it took a little less than 3 times as long as a straight memc… No ratings 114 My two maze programs: MAZE2 one in basic and MAZEINST (MazeInstant) in Asm asm(prgmMAZEINST) to run Updated again due to a small derp :P 9.6/10 (3) 226 See the readme.txt file. Basically, it's a little program that calculates the MD5 hash of an input string. 9/10 (1) 134 This extraordinary program lets you create, store, and view music on your calculator - in actual graphical mode and with sharps and flats, without using pictures! You can create a piece of music of unlimited length on your calculator, save it, and then retrieve it at any time. Y… No ratings 292 Find your nerdism factor! Enter the number of programming languages that you know, the number of calculating devices you have (computers, PDAs, graphing calculators), and the number of years you have been programming; it will give you your nerdism factor. No ratings 245 This is a simple program that adds notifications to DCS 7. For usage and syntax refer to the read me included in the zip file. No ratings 200 This is Office DE v3.0, a suite of programs for TI calculators. It contains three fast programs: Document DE, a word processor; Presentation DE, a presentation application; Spreadsheet DE, a spreadsheet application. Each can store up to nine files of unlimited size, bounded only… No ratings 450 A group of custom made programs of mine. Contains a birthday program, a pistol sim, standard GETKEY program, and a rock-paper-scissors game. No ratings 276 This is an excellent organizer program that will store up to eight to-do items, complete, edit, and reset them; it will *not* use up Str0-Str9. It is an extremely useful (and fast) way of keeping track of tasks you need to do, complete with beutiful graphical task list and the o… No ratings 271 This is APass, the TI password protection program that takes up a mere 123 bytes on your calculator. The password can be up to six keystrokes; if the user does not know the password, it denies access. This program is so handy and so small, you simply must download it! Great for … No ratings 358
password Ever hate it when you cant think of a new password? Well this will make one for you, just enter the length and poof a random password will appear! This program will work on a TI-84 CE Made in basic! No ratings 5 This handy program lets you store pictures as lists. It saves memory and at the same time allows you to have more than the 10 default pictures allowed by the calculator. Simply run the program, select picture to list or list to picture, and the program will do the rest. Check it… No ratings 241 Presentation DE, the third program in the Office DE v3.0 office suite for TI calculators, can import and export Draw DE files, edit and create its own slides, and view a slide show with many possible options. The open and save file feature allows you to store up to nine slides o… No ratings 256 This is the completely re-written version of prgmLINEINFO; which had problems with returning wrong answers. But this program does not have that problem No ratings 166 This cool little program will take your raw PSAT scores and convert them to SAT scores (200-1600 scale). Check it out! No ratings 252 Now that I know how to convert it from just seconds to min and hr and sec I will be fixing that No ratings 153 I'm going to rework this so you don't have to email me to get you own version but for now just email me. No ratings 148 This program will make a cat walk around your screen, etc. Can be used as a screensaver; press any key to exit. No ratings 257 This program will make a seal walk around your screen, etc. Can be used as a screensaver; press any key to exit. No ratings 232 This is a bunch of graphical side-scrollbars that can be used directly in your programs or adapted to suit your needs. Various styles are included and can be easily changed and combined. If you come up with any good ones, send me an email! No ratings 277 Simply enter an angle in degrees or randians, and this program will display a spiral rotating out from the origin. It can be used as a standalone program or incorporated into other screensavers or games. Check this out! No ratings 268 8*7 spread sheet program No ratings 219 This is Spreadsheet DE v1.0, an integral part of the Office DE suite for the TI-83+. In this preliminary version you can edit a grid of cells of unlimited size as well as use formulae. You can save and open up to nine files; edit and search functions are built in. Uses matrices … No ratings 263 This handy program uses the built-in tools provided by Doors CS v4.0 to give an in-depth analysis of your calculator's system status. It displays available RAM, battery charge level, hardware specs, number of programs, and whether you have a background installed. Great for quick… No ratings 269 This is the advanced edition of the TIML 1.0 package, which allows for the creation and viewing of HTML-like files on your calculator, including tables, embedded images, text formatting, and automatic wordwrap. This edition includes a user-friendly TIML creation program as well … No ratings 285 Best displayed using the TIML v1.0 Advanced Edition, this is a sample page using TIML. It demonstrates bold, underline, and italic text, imbedded images and icons, line breaks, tables, and automatic wordwrap. Check it out! No ratings 255 This is the standard edition of the TIML 1.0 package, which allows for the viewing of HTML-like files on your calculator, including tables, embedded images, text formatting, and automatic wordwrap. This edition does not include the user-friendly TIML creation program (in the adv… No ratings 280 This plugin for the TIML 1.0 viewer allows you to imbed binary and hex pictures of any size from 1x1 to 95x57 pixels. It allows for the expansion of the TIML Viewer to give it more capabilities and features. Check it out! No ratings 243 This program, used by itself or in conjunction with the TIMLCRE8 TIML File Creator, will compress TIML 1.0 files by converting any images from binary to hex format. This can divide the size of the file as much as three quarters, and images in TIML 1.0 files will load up much fas… No ratings 263 This plugin for the TIML, or TI Markup Language Viewer, allows it to display tables with multiple rows and columns inside a TIML document, including images and formatted text inside the table. Check it out! (Requires TIMLVIEW) No ratings 223 An amazing Hangman game with both 1 and 2 player modes with support for external dictionaries in 1 player mode. The default external dictionary (included in this package) has 362 words as well as several easter eggs. It uses no Asm libs and the total mem usage with the dictionar… No ratings 275 This cool little program gives any programmer the great availability of a text input without needing the user to activate the alpha manually. weighing at 330 bytes, with the availability to type on the homescreen and graphscreen, this program is a great addition for those games … 8/10 (1) 308