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Name Description Average rating Downloads This was one of the first programs I've ever made. No ratings 476
ALL This programs features: 1) Radian to degree converter 2) Degree to radian converter 3) Trigonometric identities (formulas) 4) Value finder which finds the sine, cosine, and tangent of the angle. 5) Input 3 values of a triangle (sides or angles)and find the other two sides/a… 9/10 (1) 4203 This program approximates area under a function with three different approximation methods: Rams, Trapezoidal Rule, and Simpson's Rule. Please read the readme for more info. No ratings 209
Algebra Helper Well, here is a nice little math program for your TI-83+/84+ that will handle much of the math needed. It should be sufficent for the first semester of Algebra 1. No ratings 1358 AllMath is a math program with many things; an algebra solver, trig, and more. Even has settings menu so you can customize decimals, and more. 6.3/10 (3) 2455 This program is all about giving you the X and Y points of a bolt hole pattern. You input the number of points (holes) that are to be equally spaced around a diameter that you set. Then you input the starting degree that you want the first point of the pattern to start from. … No ratings 359 Convert any base to another base! (Up to base36). Now conversions to/from binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, and more are all a piece of cake now thanks to this program! A MUST download for your TI83+ or TI84+ series calculator! No ratings 93 This program you input the diameter of the circle, you have the choice to input the length of the cord or the depth to the flat (depth to the flat is the max height from the cord to the circumference), the angle of the cord from the center point, or the arc length. For any valu… No ratings 272
Calculate This is a program I made recently, which gives you random calculations to solve. It uses rather much space because it has a rich graphical user interface and a lot of customization. 7/10 (1) 348 This Calculus Program is designed to assist students with the topics of calculus. The topics are based off of an AP Calculus BC class so that both AB and BC topics are included such as limits, L'Hopital's, related rates, Riemann sums, parametrics, polars, series, and more. The p… 9/10 (1) 4600 Generates a random Integer between inputted numbers, a simulated roll of 5 dice, a Magic 8 Ball reply, a random card draw (includes 2 jokers in the "deck"), or a coin flip. Only the program and the variables B and C are needed to run. It has now been optimized to reduce the a… No ratings 273 A simple program to calculate the roots of a cubic equation. No ratings 1303 This program is able to be customized to solve a formula by editing line 2 and 3 of this program. It solves any simple formula such as Q=MGH, F=MA, V=LWH, etc. Compatible with TI-8x calculators, including TI-84+CSE. Please read the readme for more information. No ratings 560 Akin to FormulaPro for the TI-Nspire, this program can solve systems of formulas that range from 2 to 9 variables. It is compatible for TI-83/84/+/SE/CSE/CE calculators. You can input your known variables and, if it is solvable, the program will automatically solve and display … No ratings 844 This program finds the distance between two points No ratings 1203 This program differentiates any explicit additive algebraic expression in the form f(x)=ax^n+bx^n+..., setting f(x) to Y1, f'(x) to Y2, and f"(x) to Y3. With the 5.1 update, the program now turns x-terms with negative exponents into fractions. For especially long functions, … No ratings 616 This is a TI-Basic program that when you type in the variables for certain math equations, it gives you the answer to the math problem. It includes several Algebra Equations including slope, Pythagorean Theorem, distance, midpoint, and quadratic. It also includes geometry equati… No ratings 1320 This is a factoring program that factors Ax^2 + Bx + C 10/10 (2) 6540 This program will let you enter in your quarter grades, and it will tell you what you need on your final to get a certain grade for the semester. My entire math class swarmed me when I told them about this program. I hope you like it too. No ratings 185 This program you input the number of sides you want and you either can input the diameter you want it to be within or you can input the length of the sides and it will tell you the diameter it will be. For the unknown input a "0" zero and press enter to continue the program. H… No ratings 202 A fast prime factorisation program No ratings 804 Uses a list of primes to output the prime factorization of virtually any number! (The list of primes only contains 999 primes, so any number with a prime factor over 7907 won't work) To use, execute the program, input the number, and keep pressing enter to see each prime factor.… No ratings 232 A TI-BASIC Fibonacci Sequence generator, for ALL TI-84 calcs. Untested on TI-83. Instructions in the readme. Update: Added sending instructions, which I forgot, into the readme. 5.5/10 (2) 307 So here is the update of Horner. Basically this program factorizes equations of the type ax³+bx²+cx+d=0 as far as we would be able to go ourselves. Have fun trying it out. The updates are notified in the ReadMe. Bug reports or requests at No ratings 601 This program allows you to find points of inflection on a graph. Enhanced for use with DCS6. No ratings 420 a fast primality tester. No ratings 415 Solves the Quadratic equation by prompting the user for variables A, B, and C. P.S. If you want to get an Imaginary answer add a+bi to the beginning of the program. No ratings 293 Simple math program in its beta stage that I have been working on during study hall in school. E-mail me about any bugs. No ratings 390 This program finds the midpoint of 2 points. Please look at screenshot. Thank you for downloading! No ratings 1874 Multitab 83+ is a math program that allows the user to quickly look up the multiples (from zero times to twelve times) of any number inputted by the user. Specifically designed for the TI-83+. No ratings 255 I'm sure you all know the famous Nintendo DS game where you have 20, 50 or even 100 simple math calculations which you need to answer as fast as you can. It shows your progress on a daily basis and you have graphs of this progress. Well this should become a similar game for the … No ratings 412 Pieman7373; Newton’s Method This program was initially created in November 2016 by Kaleb Allinson (My AP Calculus teacher), but i looked at the code and said that i could make it more user friendly to normal (non-calculator savvy) folk, so he let me. This program is for using… No ratings 687 This program is a Newton's method root finder. It uses Y1 as f(x), and shows all steps used. No ratings 367 This program will solve an Oblique Triangle, as long as you know any 3 values of the triangle. Example ( 3 known sides, 2 known sides and 1 angle, or 2 known angles and 1 side ). For any value that you don't know, input a "0" zero for that value and press enter. Once you ha… No ratings 446 OBOB is an abbreviation for "Off By One Bug." Its a bug when programming where your expected result is off by one in either direction. This program gives an example of the bug by choosing a random number between 1 and 3 and giving you the input + 1, input - 1, and the input its… No ratings 222 This program will solve for the unknowns of a Right Triangle with only 2 knowns. Example: 2 sides, or 1 side and 1 angle, with that it will solve for the unknowns and display them. For any unknown value input "0" zero and press enter to continue the program. Hope you like … No ratings 586 This is the best math program available to anyone. It can factor any number up to 65,000,000 (plus more if it is not prime), convert from roman to decimal, find GCD and LCM instantly, find the area of any figure, given the vertice, encode and decode messages, simplify radicals,… No ratings 525 This is a great program to use during math contests and while solving math problems. It greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to do common things such as finding prime factorizations, simplifying radicals, converting between bases, simplifying modular arithmetic, GCD, LCM… No ratings 350 This is a great program for anyone who wants to save time finding simple things. This program will find the GCD, give the prime factorization, find the number of degrees between hands of a clock at a time, and much more. There are two new features that are updates from 2.2; Base… No ratings 654 This is a program I made to factor quadratic equations. It will ask you for A, B, and C for the standard quadratic equation f(x)=A(x^2)+Bx+C. This program can find a GCD and factor it out, even if it is negative. I spent a lot of time working on it displaying properly. I eve… No ratings 456 This is my quadratic equation solver. How to use this program, how this program works (in a nutshell) and important notes can be found in the README.txt file. P.S. If anyone recognizes part of their program in my program, pm me and I will find a way to mention you as a co-a… No ratings 426 This program basically takes the quadratic equation from your mathclass and puts it in a form you can basically copy straight from because it puts the steps right on the graph screen. Does not support negative discriminats. This contains another one of my quadratic programs that… No ratings 447 Input a function, interval, and desired number of rectangles, and this program will draw the graph of the function and the rectangles, and display the approxtimated area (for your choice of left endpoints, midpoints, or right endpoints). No ratings 266
REF Solves 3x4 matrix [A] in Row Echelon Form. I might add something later that makes it not have such large numbers unless necessary. from row echelon form, it is easy enough to make it reduced row echelon form, so I didn't really feel the need to add that. No ratings 260 Rotates and translate a 3D vector [X, Y, Z] with angles: A: rotation about the x-axis B: rotation about the y-axis C: rotation about the z-axis S: translation of the X coordinate T: translation of the Y coordinate U: translation of the Z coordiante No ratings 192 This program graphically calculates the Riemann sum of a function, with a customisable number of intervals, and displays it for you. Enhanced for use with DCS6. No ratings 502
Random This program performs a random walk around the homescreen of your calculator, and collects the number of steps taken each run. Once no move can be made without crossing a previously visited spot, the program terminates, and reports the number of steps taken, the min and max step… No ratings 300 This program will be able to find the area under the curve of an area. The eight methods it uses to solve this is LRAM, MRAM, RRAM, Net Integral, Total Integral, Average Mean, Trapezoidal Rule and the Simpson's Rule. All you need to do is put in the equation, left and right… No ratings 343 This program simplifies radicals if it can be simplified. No ratings 785 this program graphically approximates the slope of the tangent line for a function using the left-right average method. No ratings 461 Enter a radical to be simplified. Best with numbers of less than five digits. No ratings 573 STAAR Mathematics Formula Chart README By willwac 05/14/2014 STAAR Math (the program) is a non-interactive version of the STAAR Mathematics Reference Materials Sheet, or Formula Chart. The program features everything on the Grade 8 chart and the second page of the Algebra I… No ratings 227 This program calculates the square root of an inputted number to as many decimal places as needed. It will even calculate the square root of non-square numbers, to as many places as the calculator's memory will allow! Also included is a calculator for the golden ratio, phi. No ratings 228 TINT, or TI Number Theory, is a package of lists and programs designed for number theoretic computation and analysis on the TI-84+ series of calculators. These programs are designed to be used as subprograms for larger projects, and are optimized for numbers less than ~10^12. Th… No ratings 86 The purpose of this program is to allow you to convert one style of temperature measurement to the other 4 styles. On the main page select the kind of measurement that you have and input it. Press enter and it will convert to the other 4 kinds. Hope you like it. No ratings 259 For those who struggle with the cosine and sine laws. Enjoy! No ratings 562 This program tests you to see if you can get the highest value possible, using only the number 4. Special thanks go to Haobo and comicIDIOT how helped my write some code, but not enough in my book to be considered co-authors.<br><br> Post your high scores in the Four 4's Sco… No ratings 214 This is my program based on the activity done in grade school called "The Mad Minute". The premise of this activity is to get as many problems right in one minute. Currently there is no timer system in place, so you have to time yourself. There is a system that lets you go to… No ratings 223 This program draws an Ulam Spiral on the graphscreen of your calculator. Ths program works on both Color and non-color calculators. 10/10 (1) 456 This is an upgrade of my former Volume Finder, which is now outdated. This NEW version now includes ULTMATH, which is the parent program for the Volume Finder, the Area Finder, and a Misc. Math program. Size is around 2400 bytes. Try it out, and give me suggestions for 1.1! 5.5/10 (2) 434 Its merely a second grade equation factorizer. No ratings 428 Send to your calc and enjoy! Initial version has a few shapes. Future updates will include Surface Area, more shapes, and maybe a welcome screen! 1/10 (1) 448 A command parser and calculator designed to be run from within Doors CS; no need to return to TI-OS to do (most) calculations. No ratings 358 Do you take Calculus? Have you ever wanted to perform a quick antiderivation? Now you can! simply plug in the antiderivative of cx^n dx, and this nifty program will find the original equation in the form zx^p+C. Excellent graphics and interface; Doors CS v4.0 optimized. No ratings 1319 Finds area of all shapes on the formula chart. If you need a shape's area and it is unsupported, email me. My email address is in the README. No ratings 972 This useful program will approximate the area under a curve or line to arbitrary accuracy using the Monte Carlo method. The realtime progress meter shows how far the program has progressed for time-consuming high accuracy calculations, and the standard interface makes it easy to… No ratings 721 This program can convert to and from any base between base 2 and base 36, using the appropriate alphanumeric notation. Uses a custom algorithm that should be relatively fast, and can handle numbers up to 10^99. v1.1 fixes a bug that went unnoticed for 11 years. No ratings 688 Happy Pi day! Here is an arbitrary precision calculator for the digits of pi. It is written in TI-BASIC, so it is slooooow, but it works! You basically pass in how many digits you want and it returns them in 5-digit chunks in L1. Keep in mind, if a chunk only has 4 digits,… No ratings 161 This program lets you do math calculations without leaving Doors CS. Simply run the program, enter the problem, and press [ENTER]. You can continue doing math until you enter 99.999 to quit back to Doors CS. And of course, optimized for Doors CS v4.0 with an icon. 10/10 (1) 401 Have you ever wanted your calculator to be able to act as a cash register? Well, now it can! This program lets you set a tax rate, quantity, price each, and taxable or not for any number of items. It will add up the total, and even figure out change! Doors CS v4.0 optimized. No ratings 455 This small but powerful program will take any circle with center (x,y) and radius r and output a simplified equation for the circle. Works even with x, y, or r equal to zero. Doors CS v4.0 optimized. No ratings 706 Since we are both in our freshman year and are taking Geometry, we decided to make this handy little program. It is a pain in the butt for some people to remember the ways to prove triangles and angles congruent, so this program basically is a collection of notes. That's why… No ratings 322 This handy program lets you graph an equation or expression without leaving Doors CS. You can graph in the form Y=, view the resulting equation, and use it for math purposes. Check it out! No ratings 352 DCSQuad Solver is a standard quadratic solver with the capability to solve for both real or imaginary roots of a quadratic equation. Its unique feature is that it is built using the Doors CS BASIC Libraries (DCSB Libs) for text input, mouse movement and clicking, and interface… No ratings 398 This powerful program performs the non-implicit differentiation of any function f(x) to find f'(x), including f(x)=cx^n, f(x)=cx, f(x)=c, f(x)=ax/bx, and f(x)=ax*bx. It even finds the six major triginometric identities for derivation. A perfect tool for calculus students! No ratings 1043 This is a program that makes the calculator display incorrect results for calculations inputted. Use this to prank your friends. I do not take responsibility for those who abuse this and mess up others tests. No ratings 240 This is the fast version of the Pythagorean Triplet solver presented in Chapter 5 of the book "Programming the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus". It solves for Pythagorean Triplets given a target value N, where the three numbers (A, B, C) in the triplet satisfy both A+B+C=N and A^2+B^2=C^2… No ratings 317 This program efficiently triangulates the position of a stronghold using two position and angle fixes obtained by sighting an Eye of Ender and recording the position and angle from the F3 debug menu. Not compatible with Bedrock Edition because it doesn't show your angle. No ratings 8 Slope Field v1.2 simplifies the process of creating and analyzing slope fields in calculus. This program provides a variety of tools for slope fields: you can enter a differential equation, render the resultant field, edit the window settings, find the slope value at a specific … 10/10 (1) 653 Graph3D v4.0 is a fully-integrated 3D graphing utility that can graph up to 10 simultaneous 3D equations. You can edit the window settings, zoom settings, and format from within the program. You can trace over any graph, and rotate and zoom graphs from the graphscreen. This comp… No ratings 605 Have you ever wanted to graph an equation in the form X=, when the built-in graph tools ony allow you to enter an equation in the form Y=? Now you can! With this tool, you can enter any equation with any variables, tools, and symbols allowed by the built-in Y= grapher, view the … 8/10 (1) 546 This program computes the Jury's Stability Criterion table given the polynomial characteristic equation of a digital control system. It both determines whether the system is stable (in other words, if the first term of every odd row is positive) and displays the criterion table … No ratings 381 This is a small yet powerful program that will find the lowest common multiple of any numbers, and can work on two through infinity numbers. It will automatically and quickly find the LCM in rational form. Useful! No ratings 442 A pack with a bunch of handy utilities including complete the square, sierpinski area, cylinder volume, and decimal2binary converter. No ratings 398 5 years of math bundled into one program. My zcontest Entry. This is an Update of the previous Version! 7/10 (1) 1002 Advanced PieChart Creator v1.0 is a wizard that will help you create different piecharts. It will prompt you for the number of sections and the percentage of each section and then draw the piechart. The program will also prompt you for a title for your chart. It can be saved as … No ratings 313 A redesign of my Polynomials All in One math tool. Input is handled using a two-part queue string, separated by a colon. Part one indicates the operators, part two the operands. This program can chain operations, can interrupt normal math to find the zeroes (at that point), and … No ratings 767 Written for the same class as my Jury's Stability Criterion Solver, this program performs polynomial division on arbitrary numerator and denominator polynomials. It accepts any pair of n-degree numerator and m-degree denominator, where {n,m}>=0 and n does not necessarily equal … No ratings 580
polynomial math utility A handy little program to make addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of programs very easy. This program uses optimized algorithms for multiplication and division and is surprisingly fast. As an aside, any developer who owns a model other than a TI-84+ SE and wa… No ratings 458 This is an advance quadratic solver designed to allow you to use the answer typed on the screen and put it right as an answer.Simplifys the radical and the fraction to the fullest amount.Update 9/18/08 for speed and size.Results are stored to list three. Please email noah.fence… No ratings 602 Given the vertices of a quadrilateral, this program will draw the shape and compute the lengths of the sides and the diagonals. I ported from a QBASIC program I saw in a Geometry Textbook in March 2003. I updated it 11 days shy of a full decade later to be more polite in restori… No ratings 323 A program that: - Calculates Quantiles from grouped dataset, using user input. - Draws BoxPlots from grouped dataset - Calculates Q1,Q2,Q3 from grouped dataset - Uses the basic Menu( function (dunno if that's a feature or not) Please read the ReadMe file for instruct… No ratings 54 Do you take a high school or college math course that requires solving systems of equations? Have you ever worked with systems that might have up to 8 variables and 99 equations? If so, then you need Row Echelon System Solver v1.2. This program provides a simple interface for en… 6/10 (3) 422 A (currently unfinished) program which displays "flash cards" to quiz the user on simple arithmetic. No ratings 251 This program does synthetic division of polynomials! If you have questions, see the README. No ratings 753 This is version 2.0.4 of the TIFC. The previous version only supported roughly 68 conversions, took 4 programs and a picture variable, and was around 6kb in size. Version 2.0.X supports the usage of a single program, and boasts 708 conversions available in this single program of… No ratings 450 Use this handy program for an approximation of the area under a curve using the Trapezoid Rule. Simply enter an equation, the lower and upper bounds, and the number of trapezoids; the program will approximate the area under the curve. Great for Calculus students; Doors CS v4.0 o… No ratings 428