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Name Description Average rating Downloads Artistic is a fully packed, xLIB-powered on-calc graphics program. From tilemapping, to sprite editing, to editing pictures directly, Artistic harnesses the full power of xLIB into a simple interface that any person could use. Features include: ► Pixel-sprite editor f… No ratings 304 A line that bounces around your screen. Simple programming makes it easily customizable, and easy to expand upon. Program is unlocked, but any changes are your own responsibility. Please don't distribute code without expressed permission. 10/10 (1) 414 A line that bounces around your screen. Based on a previous version, BOUNCING is similar to BOUNCE2 in function, but entirely different in code. BOUNCING runs on a few lines of code, and uses no variables. The only data BOUNCING modifies is your Window\'s dimensions, and the Ans… No ratings 402 this pure Basic implementation of Bresenham's circle algorithm is designed for speed, and can frequently compete with or beat the TI-OS routine for speed when all points drawn are on the screen No ratings 221 this binary search tree implementation allows Basic programmers to finally access the power of a binary search tree. 10/10 (1) 238 This is a program to send messages, and technically compress them. *Use dcs or celtic 3 No ratings 142 Make a city with different tiles, save into picture 8 to be recalled into any program. Very fun to design different maps. With over 20 sprites ranging from roads to farmland, this program will keep you having fun for a long time. No ratings 324 The CAD 3D program made by kerm in 2002, but with a lot of new functions and bugfixes. If you aren't sure how to use it, the file include a huge walkthroug for the most imporiant parts of the program. I am sorry that there is no support for plain TI83, but that version is to com… No ratings 303 The Beta of the next Design 3D version. Please PM me if you find bugs. See the included readme.txt, in-program help and the manual from v3.5 (the release avalible from for documentation and more info. And once again, Please PM me if you find bugs or glitches. No ratings 194
Example of Mario In This is an example of how to make graphics in basic. This is a must download for those who want to see graphics using basic. It is not my favorite method but, it is works. Download now. Nothing needed to run, just memory. This version is playable. No ratings 424 FancyClock is my first 83/84 BASIC program that I have written. Upcoming releases will include a timer, digital mode, and alarm. 8/10 (3) 184 !!This may be an older version of v1.5*!! This program manages 6 classes at a time, displays all 6 classes grades and GPA on one screen through a GUI, or Graphical User Interface, that is easy on the user while keeping a professional look and feel. The program archives the on… No ratings 264 Displays Str0 on the graph screen, with word-wrap and scrolling. Potentially useful because GraphScreen text can be displayed smaller than it can be on the home screen. Not all features work properly, needs work. See Readme. No ratings 174 This program helps the user find errors in the ribbon cable connecting the calculator's mainboard to the LCD board. Failures in this cable can selectively affect certain text, so this program displays normal text, small text, and menu (inverted) text. It can also make a checkerb… No ratings 204 An implementation of Langton's Ant for the TI-83/84+. No ratings 146 A simple scrolling map editor. Read the readme for more information. No ratings 180 All this program does is display a screen saver like thing depending on the "mood" you choose I hope you like it. TheStorm No ratings 253 This TI-BASIC prgm allows the user to edit any of the pics (0-9) directly on the calculator No ratings 170 THese two programs convert any (multiple of 8 less than 60) by (same multiple of 8 less than 60) into hexdecimal coding and back using simple techniques. Doors CS 4+ compatible (don't know why you all aren't using DCS6 though....). Look in the readme for more informtion. No ratings 226 The screenshots are from Alpha 2, but the GUI and keys are the same. This program is a drawing tool that allows the user to draw shapes without typing into the home screen. No ratings 140
PyroEdit 3.0 RC PyroEdit III is finally ready for release!!!! Remember to post any bugs, quirks, or things that can be changed, your on modules or better versions of the ones I have made, etc! Have fun! Oh, yes, I guess I still do have to leave a description, heh. "PyroEdit," quoting … No ratings 146
PyroEdit 3.0 This is version 3.0 RC2 of PyroEdit.. Updates: - Most lowercase letters are now caps. It saved a lot of space. - Optimizations. No ratings 143
PyroEdit 3.0 RC3 is now out - Updates: - More optimizations. Start-up should be a little bit faster now. - Module skeleton: PROGRAM:[theta][theta]PE[name] :"[Title/Description]>Dec If you are NOT going to use an init script... :If [italic n]:Return ...otherwise... :If [italic n]:G… No ratings 169 The other day, I was bored, so I Decided to make an RGB to Hex converter. It works quite well. Here it is. No ratings 166 This program generates Spiral Fractal patterns by making spirals out of spirals out of spirals ... until it cannot draw any smaller. It asks for number of vertices to use (per revolution), a scale factor (relative size of each successive vertex to the next), and an max distance … No ratings 210
Sprite Version This program can create grayscale sprites - in all sizes (width must be in byte)! It contains OnBlock, it is necessary, just as DoorsCS. No ratings 236 A spyrograph for the calculator. How much better can it get? No ratings 449 Symetrisketch takes drawing to a whole new level, allowing you to draw with 2 or 4 pens at the same time! You can also now save your drawing to Pic1, to use however you like! No ratings 183 Version 2.0 now has Vertical Spriting implemented along with all the other features. Version 1.1 now has a nice Menu to make navigation easier, and if you accidentally choose the wrong option, I added a Back button. :D Please post any thoughts, ideas, bugs, or just plain old "… No ratings 177 Awarded "Honorable Mention" at the Cemetech Contest #6, xDCS harnesses the power of xLIB to make DoorsCS GUI in you BASIC programs a snap! It has a minimal use of Pics so as to take up less space. Currently, this version supports Windows, Buttons and even a fully-functional Mous… No ratings 281 Taking up only 200 bytes, this draws circles about ten times faster than the TI-BASIC Circle( command, and even works with pixel-based values for more accuracy. It can be included and called as a function from any BASIC program or game; source code is in the readme. Preformatt… No ratings 320 This program lets you add a closed caption system to your games and programs. For example, it can be incorporated as a speech routine in a graphical RPG. The syntax for using it is very simple and is demonstrated in the included program 'CCSAMP'. Great for programmers! No ratings 236
civilization A demo full of demonstrations on how to manipulate screen content. This release is for educational purposes only. No ratings 539 This efficient program lets you input any number of (x,y) points and will connect each of them to every other point. Can be especially useful in figuring out networks and other problem solving. No ratings 261 This is a ti-8x calculator in Design 3D 1.0 and up format. USing Design 3D, you can edit, rotate, zoom, and publish files such as these. Doors CS v4.0 and up optimized. No ratings 260 This is a digital camera in Design 3D 1.0 and up format. Using Design 3D, you can edit, rotate, zoom, and publish files such as these. Doors CS v4.0 and up optimized. No ratings 239 This is a hypercube in Design 3D 1.0 and up format. Using Design 3D, you can edit, rotate, zoom, and publish files such as these. Doors CS v4.0 and up optimized. No ratings 241 The amazing tool for creating header icons to TI BASIC programs. Does now support 16*16 icons and open-icons-from-hex-value. No ratings 327 This is Draw DE v1.5, an integral part of the Office DE suite. Draw DE is an incredible drawing program with three menus of functions for nearly twenty total drawing tools. You can draw squares, circles, lines, invert the screen, flip the picture horizontally or vertically, clea… No ratings 243 This program will take any picture in Pic1 and convert it to 200% of original size in Pic4. Very useful; can be used in your own programs! No ratings 248 This program will take any picture in Pic1 and convert it to 50% of original size in Pic4 using an efficient and fast logarithm. Very useful; can be used in your own programs! No ratings 229 The fastest etchasketch program you'll ever use; just as fast as the ASM version. Version 2 now contains the calculator file and an even faster interface! No ratings 262 This interesting program shows how various levels of grayscale can be created using BASIC. It demonstrates 12 simultaneous levels from white (0%) to black (100%) in increments of 14%, but can support nearly any value. Check it out! No ratings 277 This program takes hexidecimal values, and converts them to sprites on the graphscreen. This Sprite displayer will display sprites in 8x8, 16x16, and 32x32 sizes. This also adds a new feature; if your string length is off, it will display an 8x8 X icon. No ratings 228 This revolutionary program is the first BASIC Computer Aided Design application for TI calculators. Unlike bitmapped art, the vector files created by KCAD can be zoomed, edited, and panned indefinitely with miniscule file size and absolutely no loss of quality. In less than 2KB,… No ratings 405 This is a tiny little program that lets you use the screen as a mirror. Press [ENTER] when you are done to reset the screen and quit. No ratings 304 Have you ever had text on the graphscreen but been unable to transfer it to a screen? Has your notepad-type program suddenly stopped working, leaving you with a screen full of uneditable text? Then you need OCR v1.0. Given about two hours, it will transfer all text on the graphs… No ratings 239 This package contains three different types of progress meters that you can use in your programs. The first tiny program creates a cool graphical on-screen progress meter with shading and percent complete. The second one creates a Windows XP-style loading bar. The third one crea… No ratings 289 This engine will draw lines in virtual 3D space. It can be used as a standalone program or included in other programs. I have no updated it to contain both the calculator files and the code necessary for loading into the calculator. I also included a sample 3D file of a cube. Ch… No ratings 256 Render3D is a solids-rending engine for the TI-83 and TI-83+/SE. Using lists X, Y, and Z, the user can create multiple interactive 3D objects and environments which can be rendered on the calculator. This tiny program supports several different textures (editable by the values i… No ratings 266 This program is a small routine that can be used on its own or incorporated into another program or game. Simply place a string of text to be scrolled across the bottom of the graphscreen in Str0 and run the program! It will textwrap and scroll until a button is pressed, when it… No ratings 245 SmallText3 v1.0 is a program that lets you create text made with 3x3 characters on the graphscreen. You can use the kernal ZSMTXT3 as part of your own programs (simply put {x,y,character spacing} in list SM) or you can use the included standalone program SMALLTX3 to create uniqu… No ratings 231 Lbl 0 This program randomly generate 5 pixels. Goto 0 No ratings 137 Sprite2Hex is an oncalc BASIC utility that helps create 8x8, 16x16, and 32x32 sprites and exports them to hexadecimal, which is to be used with Hex2Sprite. Assembly programmers may also find this utility somewhat handy, since the hex displayed should also work for them as well. No ratings 232 This program converts the top 8x8 area of the graph screen to a 16-character hexadecimal sprite string. See the README for more details. No ratings 194