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These programs are for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ calculators, including the 83+ SE and 84+ SE. They are mostly not compatible with the color-screen 84+ CSE or CE variants, but some BASIC programs can be run on all of them.



  1. This program helps solve different logic gates, including gates that are not implemented on z80 calculators. Works with 83+/84+/SE. Read the Readme for more info. This update fixes a major bug that breaks the program.

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  2. This is the alpha stage of the program. You can only use the Home, Funct, Funct P.2, Input, Computer to Calculator Linking and Search Bar in the program. If you find anything that I can improve on or any glitches, please, either pm me or go to my forum and reply there:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You need at least 6687 free in RAM and 21541 free in ARC to run this program!!

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  3. OBOB is an abbreviation for "Off By One Bug." Its a bug when programming where your expected result is off by one in either direction.
    This program gives an example of the bug by choosing a random number between 1 and 3 and giving you the input + 1, input - 1, and the input itself respectively.
    This was made to be a joke, but it can also be educational.

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  4. This is a WIP, so don't expect miracles!

    This program will work on both color and non-color 83/4s, just send the correct program over!

    This will calculate your 1-10 rep range when given a weight and a rep range.

    Improvements will include calculating percentages and a peak programming calculator.

    I'd also like to add a save function so you can save your weights and potentially track progress!

    Just got back into calc programming, so it might be slow!

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  5. This is an abacus program crammed in under 400 bytes, to both demonstrate the power of an old counting aid and to garner cheap laughs with the irony of emulating an ancient math tool on a modern math tool. This version uses ~150 fewer bytes than the previous one. (RoccoLox Programs gave me useful pointers to figure that out!)

    Uses variables: A, B, C, H, L1, GDB1.

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  6. Locks programs with a passcode but not very secure.

    Uses about 1500 bytes.

    source code:

    source code also in downloaded file

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