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Name Description Average rating Downloads This zip contains a build of GlassOS's trunk. The exact revision is noted in README_SNAPSHOT. 8xu is provided unsigned. No ratings 425 This app/shell provides the fast and powerful Grammer 2 programming language! In this update, I focused on Grammer's fonts, and I still ended up fixing bugs (thanks again to nonstickatom and Hans Burch for reporting). No ratings 809 This is an SDK that lets you easily make programs and libraries for GlassOS. No ratings 254 This program is a terminal that runs on the TI-84+, and probably the TI-83+ as well. It just displays arbitrary text data received on the link port to the screen using its own protocol. The source of the computer end is included (Win32 C++) I am not including the z80 since I can… No ratings 358 AlphaCS is a shell with a beautiful GUI. This program is both fast and small compared to similar apps such as MirageOS and DoorsCS (although without the libs). You can now lock, hide and archive programs quickly and easily. It is password protected and very secure to stop people… 9/10 (2) 483 Doors CS 7.2 is the ultimate shell and GUI for your TI graphing calculator. Run any BASIC or ASM program or game, including MirageOS, Ion, Doors CS, and nostub programs. Organize your programs into nested folders, lock, rename, copy, archive, hide, and edit programs directly fro… 9.3/10 (19) 5771 This version of fiddle features an event driven API. Other than that there have been no changes since the last version. for more info goto 10/10 (1) 249