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Name Description Average rating Downloads This is an experimental version of a program that I plan to build in the future. That is what the "E" stands for. Compiled with the Axe Parser. No ratings 173
APD This BASIC/Asm combo program allows you to turn on or off the Automatic Power Down function. Long Desc: (The readme file) Project: APD Options Date: 5/11/2013-5/11/2013 Authors: [ Usernames] willwac, parrotgeek1 [ Usernames] calc.bugs, ???… No ratings 344 The AppVar editor is a simple program that makes it easy for a programmer to create and edit AppVars. This program does require Doors CS 7 or Celtic III to run. All you need to do is enter the name of the AppVar and the program will allow you to add lines, replace lines, and del… No ratings 17 these programs allow u to run an app from within DCS6. It shows as a folder Icon within the shell. The only issue is the app exits to the homescreen. No ratings 541 AsmOS is a bare-bones operating system for the TI-73, TI-83+, TI-83+ SE, TI-84+, and TI-84+ SE. It is a great starting point to develop an OS from. AsmOS will initialize hardware, boot up, and enter an infinite loop - it's your job to replace this loop with an awesome OS. It … 9.5/10 (2) 761 Athena, the packager and installer, for your TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus graphing calculators, built to help authors of BASIC games who happen to have zillions of subprograms and data files distribute their games or software suites. The packager part runs on most Windows OSes, and… 8/10 (1) 569 A simple bitmap hex maker for axe programmers. The icon for this program was made with it :P. Has a somewhat weird UI which is slightly buggy, but works fine with some practice. Can create a bitmap up to 96x64, but will take a while to load when exitting then. Features auto exit… No ratings 213
Blast Installer The installer script of the powerful new Blast AntiVirus/AntiPrank Utility. Only the installer functions. Much thanks to Kerm Martian. No ratings 302
CALCNet Axiom Beta A set of asm routines for interfacing CALCnet through the Axe programming language. Please note this is in beta and may not be fully functional yet No ratings 218 Featuring a command prompt user interface, this program has many useful commands and program management features. Some of the more significant attributes include battery status, ti-os lowercase on/off, list of all programs and all appvariables, ram info and archive info. CMDv2 c… No ratings 203 This is a little demo on circular movement in assembly. Check out the code for more details. Hopefully it helps! For more information, check out his link here: No ratings 296 This program provides BASIC programmers with functions for working with groups. You can read lines of programs that are in groups, you can extract variables, and you can recall pictures directly from groups, among other things. No ratings 235 This app/shell provides the fast and powerful Grammer 2 programming language! In this update, I focused on Grammer's fonts, and I still ended up fixing bugs (thanks again to nonstickatom and Hans Burch for reporting). No ratings 799 This program securely locks your calculator away from others (e.g. other students and teachers). It needs zStart and Axe to work properly. It features customizable messages and a customizable background. And no RAM-clear can harm it. No ratings 239 This is a Hybrid-BASIC program that uses DoorsCS6 and up to overclock your calculator from 5MHz to 15MHz. Only 106 bytes on the calc. 9/10 (2) 490 Find out what the first 1279 digits of pi is! saves it to filetype 3,14,16 for easy recall! No ratings 282 This program lets TI-BASIC programmers to easily display an RPG game style textbox that supports automatic/manual line/page advancing, adjustable delays between characters and keypress to display text faster. This is my first assembly project ever. Huge props to two Lv. 99 AS… No ratings 79 Smiley OS is a demonstration operating system based on AsmOS. It will simply turn on, display a smiley face, and turn off when the user presses a key. 8.5/10 (2) 354 This small but powerful program for your TI-84+CE/83PCE can convert any TI variable to a string. Applications include converting real and complex numbers, matrices, and much more! Source is included for your enjoyment. Usage: 1) Put in Ans your input to be converted … No ratings 205 XXEdit (aXe heX Editor) is the evolution of my old Axe Memory Mapper. It is a comprehensive memory mapper and editor for the z80 series, designed to be a superfunctional form of Calcsys. It is highly useful for helping debug Axe and assembly programs on calc. Features: Memory… No ratings 299 Asmdream is an on-calc assembler for the TI-8X+ calculator series. It reads symbolic content (sources & includes) written directly using the OS built-in program editor. It writes machine code into protected programs in ram. You can think of it as a hybrid between mimas & axe.… No ratings 414 CALCnet Chat! is a multi-user chat program written for Doors CS 7.1 and later. It takes advantages of the powerful CALCnet 2.2 networking protocol for TI graphing calculators ( ) and the Doors CS GUI API to offer a small yet power… 10/10 (3) 803 This is an implementation of the Chaos Game for the TI-83+/84+/SE monochrome calcs. The Chaos Game can be used to detect patterns in sequences, making it a tool to test Pseudo-Random Number Generators. It allows up to 255 vertices in a test and can be modified to use alternative… 10/10 (1) 294 This program uses the quartz crystals on the TI-83+SE and TI-84s to compute the effective CPU clock speed of the calculator. It does not work on a TI-83+. For the TI-84 Plus C SE version, see No ratings 6 You can use SpeedTest 1.0 to benchmark the maximum speed transmission capabilities of CALCnet 2.2 between two linked calculators. SpeedTest supports two types of tests. The first, unidirectional, sets one calculator as the transmitter and one as the receiver. The transmitt… No ratings 325 TabFunctions, or TabFunc for short, is the first truly useful SE to be created with the brand-new Shell Expansion system I finished yesterday. Simply pressing [F1] and [F2] acts as the equivalent of [TAB] and [SHIFT][TAB] on a computer keyboard. The regular arrows, clicking, and… No ratings 517 Weighing in at under just under 1KB and demonstrating the power of Doors CS, this full-featured text editor allows you to create, view, save, and open text files within an attractive and intuitive GUI interface. With Doors CS's associated program feature, you can open files from… 10/10 (4) 7463 Performs prime factorization. No ratings 281 Flourish is a tech demo for CALCnet 2.2, a calculator networking protocol built into the Doors CS 7.1 shell for TI graphing calculators. This demo juggles a large number of bouncing balls between all of the calculators in a CALCnet 2.2 network, demonstrating the low latency, hi… No ratings 515
glassChat.tar.gz ==For GlassOS Only!== This is ALPHA software! It still, however, runs on a ti84. There are quirks, but... glassChat is an IRC frontend for GlassOS. You can connect to an IRC server, join a channel, chat, etc.. See the README for additional information. Pictures included… No ratings 358 Gossamer 1.0 is a web browser for TI-83+ through TI-84+SE graphing calculators, using Doors CS 7, CALCnet 2.2, and globalCALCnet to download and display web pages from the internet. Scroll by lines or pages, click links, and browse to arbitrary URLs. Gossamer requires Doors CS 7… 9.7/10 (4) 1929 If you've ever wanted to use just your calculator and a cheap serial GPS module to figure out where you are, this is the program for you. It displays the current time and date as indicated by GPS satellites, the number of satellites in view, the type of GPS fix currently acquire… No ratings 377 This is an implementation of the Heapsort algorithm. It can (and has) been used for such tasks as sorting the VAT and TI Lists! **New: Now includes a more general-purpose version and an example program that sorts TI lists very quickly :) No ratings 130 This is a program to sort the VAT in-place using an adaptive insertion sort. It's fairly fast compared to other VAT sort implementations, but way faster than others I've found on a nearly-sorted or sorted VAT. For example, if you have 95 named variable VAT entries, and add 5 new… No ratings 95 Using the heapsort algorithm this program very quickly sorts a TI-list. For example, a 999 element list takes just 3 seconds to sort, compared to 55 seconds for the OS SortA( routine. **Update: Now only 200 bytes (compared to 357), faster, needs no additional RAM, and uses 15MHz… No ratings 132 My two maze programs: MAZE2 one in basic and MAZEINST (MazeInstant) in Asm asm(prgmMAZEINST) to run Updated again due to a small derp :P 9.6/10 (3) 226 This is a program to sort the VAT in-place using an in-place, non-recursive mergesort. It only uses 29 bytes of external RAM (OP1/OP2 and 4 bytes of stack space), but these constraints grow it to an O(n^2) sorting algorithm instead of the classic O(n*lg(n)) algorithm. However, i… No ratings 91 Explore the Mandelbrot set with glorious 16-bit math* and a monochrome screen! It's fast (for a calc) and offers control over zooming, traversing, and refining calculations, all while displaying relevant values *Math operations are carried out in 4.12 fixed point arithmetic allo… No ratings 251 Ever wondered how did the inner mechanisms of today's popular 3D games worked ? This course centered on 3D mathematics and programming will help you understand those seemingly complicated principles. Usable right on your TI-83+/84+, this program allows you to manage bookmarks an… No ratings 224 Sandpaper v1.0 is an FTP client and server for CALCnet and Doors CS. It can be used to trade programs, lists, appvars, GDBs, groups, pictures, and strings between directly-connected calculators, several calculators over a network, or even between the and Cemetech file… 9.5/10 (2) 488 This assembly program very quickly shuffles a list. Great for shuffling a deck of cards in your BASIC games! For reference, it takes approximately 1 second to shuffle a 999 element list on the slower 6MHz TI-83+ (and even faster on the 83+SE and 84+ series). No ratings 50 It uses the small graph screen font to edit programs, but it still has several major bugs. No ratings 182 In answer to all the users that have requested a custom oncalc TI-BASIC editor, Tokenizer DE takes a first step in that direction. Just as SourceCoder ( can convert text files into .8xp programs online, Tokenizer can take text documents typed in Document … 9/10 (1) 388 SpriteLib is a program designed to help BASIC programmers make cooler gam--er, programs. This program started as a Celtic 3 hybrid BASIC program that simply edited Omnicalc fonts and has since come to stand alone as an assembly library equipped with not only font editing feature… No ratings 327 This file contains two routines for sorting and parsing the VAT entries of named variables. It uses the heapsort algorithm as its underlying core, providing a very fast sorting time. It also includes a routine whose output matches _ChkFindSym, but you can access the variables by… No ratings 115 This is a variable-width bold font for Grammer 2.50.8+. This was made with DrDnar's Monochrome Font Editor (MFE): No ratings 57 An eBook for portable, easy to understand yet very complete translation of a certian z80 command you totally forgot on the fly. I recommend it heavily for Mimas users, as you can easily access all of the commands (except undocumented for now) in the z80 microprocessor language. No ratings 357