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Name Description Average rating Downloads What this program can do:<br> <ul> <li>Sort money into categories, dimes, nickels, $5, $10, etc.</li> <li>Archive your data</li> <ul><li>Restore this data after a RAM Clear</li></ul> <li>Allows custability of main menu at first start-up</li> <li>Aut… No ratings 214 This is a program in which someone can type a word in, and have it either made backwards, or reflected. Reflecting a word makes it difficult to de-code. 4/10 (1) 64 Get your calc clean and running like new! Includes options to reset settings, clear variables, and more, all in a convenient and small program! Note on TI-83 version: All of the commands are compatible, but is the file format is incorrect or you cannot send it to your TI-83 plea… No ratings 161 Temporary IDE project in progress. No ratings 228 Draw lines in the 3 Dimenthions, and make polygons! you can also animate them. Parts of ths program is rewritten, and there is a lot added from the original version 2 by Kerm. No ratings 151 Design 3D v3.2 is problably the best 3D modelling program for the TI 83/84 plus. With Design 3D, you can make lines in Isometric 3D in edit mode, in table mode, you can change any coordinates for the lines, you can also detete, insert, copy, cut, paste or replace any lines you w… No ratings 237 This advanced chat program lets you connect two calculators by a cable or wireless link and chat back and forth. Graphical records show the last ten comments made. Always-receiving mode ensures that you don't miss any messages. Check out the screenshots! No ratings 678 This is a cool analog clock that lets you input the hour and minute and the beginning and counts indefinitely. It is a real clock, keeping nearly exact time, with an hour, minute, and second hand, as well as a digital readout of the time. Press any key to quit. Check out the scr… 6.3/10 (3) 694 ASM Tools is a multifunction utility for z80 programmers. There are four main sections of built-in dynamic tools, each meant to make programming easier. The Conversions section will convert to and from any of hexidecimal (base 16), binary (base 2), and decimal (base 10). The Cal… 10/10 (1) 385 The name says it all. This DCS6-optimized program interprets the BF program stored in Str0, and includes two sample programs for your viewing pleasure. The real-time interpreter includes a debugging output. No ratings 447 Completely redesigned and reimagined, Charz allows programmers access to characters they cannot otherwise type in without asm support, or using a computer program to tokenize. This version now displays all the available tokens (over 120!) and lets you choose from them. You can c… No ratings 409 This program allows the user to chat with an artificial intelligence entity built into the program. It can carry on a basic conversation, and can be easily trained to say phrases other than those preprogrammed into it. Keep watching for updates with a more expansive vocabulary. No ratings 506 Enter minutes and seconds, and this cool timer will count down to it! Press [2nd] at any time to interrupt it. No ratings 353 Soon after the release of CountDown Timer, here is CountUp Timer! It will count indefinitely until you press [2nd] to stop it. A truly cool program, now for TI-83 and TI-83+! No ratings 347 This simple yet powerful program will create the hex code for the header to a BASIC program. Using the three generated lines, your program will not only be recognized by Doors CS but will also have an 8x8 icon. This latest version has been completely updated and recoded by TIFre… No ratings 380 This handy program lets you send and receive variables from within Doors CS and most other shells. You can send and receive lists, pictures, matrices, and strings. Check it out! No ratings 274 This is the mouse kernal used in Doors CS 4.0, which you can now seamlessly integrate into your own programs. Simply call prgmDCSMOUSE from your program, and you can use a real graphical mouse cursor. No ratings 283 Design 3D v2.0 is a CAD 3D program for TI calculators, an upgrade of v1.0. In addition to creation and rotation of objects with up to 999 points in 3D space, it now supports better file swapping (up to 5 3D files can be saved at a time), oncalc help file, panning and zooming in … No ratings 311 This is version 3.0 of Document DE, a component of the Office DE calculator office suite. Now completely rewritten, you can save unlimited files in a single string - no more limit of 8 files! Also, in-document editing has been added, the interface has been improved, and several … No ratings 455 This is a file complete with graphics and logos that explains all about Doors XP v4.0 (the first asm release). It contains some invaluable information about supported file formats, interface, etc. Check it out! No ratings 277 This incredible encryption engine for pictures can perform up to 64 bit encryption with a key of between 1 and 512. You must remember the bit level and key; even a single digit off will render the image unreadable. A great idea if you want to keep your files secure! No ratings 268 This is an Internet Explorer type program that I was working on; it doesn't do much so far but will be infinitely more useful once I implement the TICI 1.0 compatibility that allows you to connect it to a computer modem and connect it to the Internet. No ratings 365 This simple program lets the user enter an integer between 0 and 9999999999999999 without using the Input command. This ensures that the user does not use symbols or characters that could cause errors in your programs. Simply call the program ZITIMP from your program and the use… No ratings 230 This program explains all about TICI 1.0, including its use, hardware devices it can connect to and will be able to interface in the near future. It explains the different icons used for TICI 1.0 and provides a website link to learn more. Check it out! No ratings 264 This is a cool program that allows you to keep score for two teams. Neat graphic display allow real-time editing of the scores. Just type 99.99 at any time to quit. No ratings 272 This is a program that I am working on that lets you type using an onscreen keyboard. Check it out! No ratings 269 This is the TI-83 version of the program that explains basic uses of the calculator to beginner users. Contains excellent graphics, an easy-to-understand format, and key definitions for many functions. Check it out! No ratings 173 This extraordinary program lets you create, store, and view music on your calculator - in actual graphical mode and with sharps and flats, without using pictures! You can create a piece of music of unlimited length on your calculator, save it, and then retrieve it at any time. Y… No ratings 294 Find your nerdism factor! Enter the number of programming languages that you know, the number of calculating devices you have (computers, PDAs, graphing calculators), and the number of years you have been programming; it will give you your nerdism factor. No ratings 246 This is Office DE v3.0, a suite of programs for TI calculators. It contains three fast programs: Document DE, a word processor; Presentation DE, a presentation application; Spreadsheet DE, a spreadsheet application. Each can store up to nine files of unlimited size, bounded only… No ratings 451 This is an excellent organizer program that will store up to eight to-do items, complete, edit, and reset them; it will *not* use up Str0-Str9. It is an extremely useful (and fast) way of keeping track of tasks you need to do, complete with beutiful graphical task list and the o… No ratings 273 This is APass, the TI password protection program that takes up a mere 123 bytes on your calculator. The password can be up to six keystrokes; if the user does not know the password, it denies access. This program is so handy and so small, you simply must download it! Great for … No ratings 359 This handy program lets you store pictures as lists. It saves memory and at the same time allows you to have more than the 10 default pictures allowed by the calculator. Simply run the program, select picture to list or list to picture, and the program will do the rest. Check it… No ratings 247 Presentation DE, the third program in the Office DE v3.0 office suite for TI calculators, can import and export Draw DE files, edit and create its own slides, and view a slide show with many possible options. The open and save file feature allows you to store up to nine slides o… No ratings 259 This cool little program will take your raw PSAT scores and convert them to SAT scores (200-1600 scale). Check it out! No ratings 254 This is a bunch of graphical side-scrollbars that can be used directly in your programs or adapted to suit your needs. Various styles are included and can be easily changed and combined. If you come up with any good ones, send me an email! No ratings 279 Simply enter an angle in degrees or randians, and this program will display a spiral rotating out from the origin. It can be used as a standalone program or incorporated into other screensavers or games. Check this out! No ratings 270 8*7 spread sheet program No ratings 221 This is Spreadsheet DE v1.0, an integral part of the Office DE suite for the TI-83+. In this preliminary version you can edit a grid of cells of unlimited size as well as use formulae. You can save and open up to nine files; edit and search functions are built in. Uses matrices … No ratings 264 This handy program uses the built-in tools provided by Doors CS v4.0 to give an in-depth analysis of your calculator's system status. It displays available RAM, battery charge level, hardware specs, number of programs, and whether you have a background installed. Great for quick… No ratings 271 This is the advanced edition of the TIML 1.0 package, which allows for the creation and viewing of HTML-like files on your calculator, including tables, embedded images, text formatting, and automatic wordwrap. This edition includes a user-friendly TIML creation program as well … No ratings 286 Best displayed using the TIML v1.0 Advanced Edition, this is a sample page using TIML. It demonstrates bold, underline, and italic text, imbedded images and icons, line breaks, tables, and automatic wordwrap. Check it out! No ratings 256 This is the standard edition of the TIML 1.0 package, which allows for the viewing of HTML-like files on your calculator, including tables, embedded images, text formatting, and automatic wordwrap. This edition does not include the user-friendly TIML creation program (in the adv… No ratings 281 This plugin for the TIML 1.0 viewer allows you to imbed binary and hex pictures of any size from 1x1 to 95x57 pixels. It allows for the expansion of the TIML Viewer to give it more capabilities and features. Check it out! No ratings 244 This program, used by itself or in conjunction with the TIMLCRE8 TIML File Creator, will compress TIML 1.0 files by converting any images from binary to hex format. This can divide the size of the file as much as three quarters, and images in TIML 1.0 files will load up much fas… No ratings 265 This plugin for the TIML, or TI Markup Language Viewer, allows it to display tables with multiple rows and columns inside a TIML document, including images and formatted text inside the table. Check it out! (Requires TIMLVIEW) No ratings 224