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Adropod Adropod is my favorite BASIC shooter. You shoot rows of advancing enemies. I know it is similar to some game out there, but nevertheless it is totally original. This version is actively being updated, and will work on the TI-83+. No ratings 243 This is my version of Tetris that was originally made on the color 84+ Silver Edition and back ported to the 83 and 83+. This was a fun experiment on how I would make a Tetris game in BASIC and expand my abilities as a programmer. No ratings 289 This is a game I made that can teach you to quickly convert between binary and decimal numbers. Read the readme for more info. Version 1.2 No ratings 75
CA Disco Dude and Gas'n'Time, as seen on No ratings 265 Choose is a choose-your-own-adventure game as the name implies. It has multiple endings. Very funny, but rated M for mature topics and offensive text. No ratings 376
Darkness "From the begining of times, since creation, mortal man has always been left free to their choices. But now their is one among the other Gods who opposes that view and strives to influence the mortals in their daily lives. You found out and tried to put an end to it. Little did … No ratings 370
Example of Mario In This is an example of how to make graphics in basic. This is a must download for those who want to see graphics using basic. It is not my favorite method but, it is works. Download now. Nothing needed to run, just memory. This version is playable. No ratings 424 This is the new title screen I have made from scratch, including an intro, custom text speed input, and even a feature that asks if you want to start a new game so you don't accidentally delete you old data. Slight Update, Speed should be faster, and compatibility should be f… No ratings 402 The very popular iOS/Android app is now for TI-83/83+/84+, optimized for 84+. This program has MORE OPTIONS than the original app, including SPEED and GRAVITY settings, and instructions. NO external programs like MirageOS needed and under 1,8k storage required. No ratings 1835
Frontrunner This is a side-scrolling Mario-type game. Use the arrow keys to move. For more instructions, licensing, etc, see enclosed documentation. 9/10 (1) 209
Oktober RPG It's finally out, after months of sitting on my calculator. The first 2 playable seasons: Summer and Winter. Winter quest are still buggy. Summer is fully complete, and both seasonal monster sets are done. There are collectible Items to turn in for quest rewards. This RPG includ… No ratings 340 It's Plinko, what more do you need to know? No ratings 332 This is something I made last year. Gives you a feel of how far I have progressed. No ratings 241
Tetris My implementation of Tetris for the TI-83+/84+ devices, featuring code written completely in TI-BASIC (with 95%+ coding done on the calculator itself), a custom menu, a pause menu, saving, loading, highscores (just numbers, sadly), and a help-screen. No ratings 1879
Water Gun You are challenged to water gun fights! Choose from 3 enemies of different difficulties and see if you can beat them! The game enemies vary in hp and attack strength each time you play! This is text only, no pictures. Choose from 5 different attack options and fight until someon… No ratings 288 Graphical RPG where you must defeat the ENEMY. Around 2-3 hours of game play. You will learn a few spells, enemies get harder after each new land you come to. This version incorporates some much needed optimizing, causing the clearing part of the menu to be 150% faster, the menu… No ratings 209 For lack of a better name, this is Arcade, a space shooter-type game in which you must defeat a plethora of enemy ships that fire back at you. It contains an intelligent AI, increasing difficulty throughout, high score storage, and Doors CS 4.0 optimiation all at under 1KB! Chec… No ratings 1060 This is the completely recoded version of a game I made early in my programming career. The goal is to naviagate through an asteroid belt without getting hit. Make your way through four increasingly difficult levels to beat the game! 8.5/10 (2) 1386 You are a pi symbol and you must shoot the falling threes. The speed changes as you get more points. and the program is quit small. it is under 800 bytes. No ratings 475 You are a pi symbol and must shoot the threes that are falling. As you get more points the speed increases. And the program is quite small, it comes in at only 767 bytes. No ratings 426 Finally completed, this fully graphical baseball game lets you play a realistic game of baseball against the calculator. You take turns pitching, catching, and hitting; strikes, balls, outs, and the score are recorded. You can save a game in the middle and return to it later, an… No ratings 1169 This is the second version of Battle, now optimized and much faster, for the TI-83. It is a game where who fight the calculator; it has a fast and efficient AI and 5 difficulty levels. You must destroy your opponent in 99 seconds or less; you get a higher score for a faster time… No ratings 577 In this addictive all-graphical game, you must rescue your crew that has been captured by aliens. You must destroy their defenses to free your crew without crashing. Fast-paced yet small; Doors CS v4.0 optimized. No ratings 433 This program lets you race a *3D* bike down a randomly-created trail using the ReaL3D Engine. Use the arrows to steer the bike; when you have gone 100 blocks you will reach the finish line and can continue for bonus points. Go of the road, however, and you lose. This version rep… 7.5/10 (2) 1077 Boggle v1.0 is a port of the handheld electronic version of Boggle, the popular word game. This version includes a small size and intuitive interface, providing both a timed and untimed version for you to play. You simply move the cursor around a 4x4 board, press [+] to add a le… No ratings 438 This is a cool, all-graphical game where you roll the ball at ten pins. After 6 frames of 3 rolls each, you get a chart with your score. Highly accurate bowling; you get to set direction and power. Check out the screenshots! No ratings 845 This is an amazing Breakout-type game with awesome graphics and many features. You can proceed through ten levels that you can play, quit and do other stuff, and then come back and play the same level. You can set the difficulty level or play a quick Demo game. Highscore tables … 3/10 (1) 752 This is a cool game where you have to catch falling objects in a garbage can. Catch 22 to win! Version 2.0 now contains both the source code and the calculator file. No ratings 347 Modeled on popular computer games, Civilization Simulator I lets you control and build an ancient civilization. It uses the ps3d engine, built specifically for this purpose, that provides extremely good graphics in 3D. You start with a blank world and must create people, structu… No ratings 777 This game is the updated version of a game I made about two and a half ago in BASIC during the summer, entirely in Virtual TI. It's much faster on all 83 and 84 calculators, includes levels, better powerups, and more, and even has customizable key bindings. Doors CS 4 and h… No ratings 598 Dark Shadow is a third-person space shooter game. It is completely graphical and includes three different and unique enemies that you battle. It also includes three PowerUps with varying effect on your gameplay. The object of the game is to prevent the enemy ships from passing y… No ratings 417 This is the first version of a fairly good dodgeball clone. You are at the top of the screen and must dodge a barrage of dodgeballs thrown at you. An innovative system keeps track of your high score; you lose if you get hit by a ball. Check it out! No ratings 469 With amazing graphics, an intelligent AI, and fast-paced play, Duel 1.0 is an outstanding game. It is similar to fighting games like StickFighter in its graphis engine, except that you control one of two battling space ships. The object of the game is to destroy the other ship w… No ratings 385 Yet another racing clone, but in this one you must avoid potholes while going down a randomly-created road. No ratings 381 This was most likely one of the fastest and smoothest TI-83 Plus basic games around when I first created the original release in 1996 for the TI-82. It is fully functional, but there are still a few features that never got completed, as my free time to program for fun slipped a… No ratings 228 This incredible program contains a completely graphical interface, a beautifully rendered airplane cockpit with working controls, and different levels of play. Features include: * Takeoff with graphical runway * Flight with altitude, pitch/roll, etc. indicators in working contro… No ratings 850 This is a 3D tunnel game where you must pilot a ship through a narrow tunnel with random twists and turns. Once you reach the finish line, you can continue for bonus points. Your high score is automatically saved. No ratings 444 This is a fast, neat version of the classic Frogger. Ten difficulty levels! Version 2.0 now contains the calculator file, three lives, and a more advanced graphic engine. Check out the screenshots! 7/10 (2) 1090
gondorfs test This is an rpg that i have been making. It is fully complete, but I may add to it later. If you have time, please test this and tell me how you like it. Thank you. No ratings 320 A BASIC version of Cave. Non-sidescrolling (that would be slo.........) and a seemingly long loading screen. BUT!!!!! The actual game runs fast on the TI84 family, and actually is really hard, even on the first level. Believe me, I wrote the game from scratch, and I can't b… No ratings 160 This is your basic guessing game, tells you higher or lower. Check it out! No ratings 176 KeyMash v2.0 is a somewhat more original and TI calculator-oriented version of games such as Dance Dance Revolution. Arrows fall with increasing speed from the top of the screen; you must press the corresponding key before the arrow reaches the bottom. If it falls to the bottom,… No ratings 335 This is an all-graphical racing game with fast-paced action, variable track and difficulty level; none of that text-based stuff. Beat a level and move on to the next; beat them all and you get into the high scores table. Cool! No ratings 565 Missile Defense 2 is an incredible 3D game where you get to shoot down enemy missiles. Aim the crosshairs and the fast-flying missile and shoot your laser to get it! Get ammo for each successful hit; lose if you are hit or run out of ammo. This has great graphics, none of that t… No ratings 492 This game is a third-person puzzle-type game, in which you must run around avoiding the enemy and collecting bolts. Once you have collected enough bolts, you can upgrade your weapon, buy teleport modules, and even buy an extra life. If you lose all of your lives (you start with … No ratings 330 This is the first part of the completely recoded MeGaMan series, in which you are a superhero battling a variety of enemies to reach the boss and save the world. In the first part, you must kill a guardian to get past it and advance to the second part. Look for Part 2 and Part 3… No ratings 575 This is the second part of the completely recoded MeGaMan series, in which you are a superhero battling a variety of enemies to reach the boss and save the world. In the second part, you must defeat three separate enemies in a factory; each enemy starts out with full health, but… No ratings 334 This is the third part of the completely recoded MeGaMan series, in which you are a superhero battling a variety of enemies to reach the boss and save the world. In the third part, you must defeat the boss of the game: a two-headed robot that has double your firepower. Check it … No ratings 419 This is the complete recoded MeGaMan series, a trilogy in which you must battle various enemies and bosses to reach the end. In the first part, you must defeat a guardian and get past him to the second level. In the second part, you are pitted against three enemies in a factory;… No ratings 734 This graphical puzzle game is based on programs such as Tetris Attack and others, but with an important twist. You must go through a set of 40 levels to beat the game, increasing in difficulty. You must eliminate squares wiht letters, numbers, and symbols by matching them horizo… No ratings 293 This is an update to Minesweeper v1.1 and 2.0. Now for ease of transfer it includes the calculator file with several updates. AutoUncover has been added, the time keeping feature has been optimized, and high score tables have been added. Three difficulty levels are now available… No ratings 691 The goal of this game is to make a long enough pipe so that the water does not overflow in each of 50 increasingly difficult levels. There are nine different types of pieces that can be used, the game is completely graphical, and includes a speed-up mode for when you have built … No ratings 357 This is a mini-graphical-RPG type game where you run around trying to shoot your enemy while it is equally intent on shooting you. Life meters displayed on the side; internal level editor built-in. Allows for hours of gameplay; develop your own levels and publish them! One of th… No ratings 467 This is a cool little program I made that lets you race a car down a randomly created track that gets steadily more difficult as you proceed. It has ten levels; beat all of them to beat the game. Check it out! No ratings 468 This is a program that has existed in several forms; I have finally completed it and published it. You are the first-person driver of a car racing down a randomly created 3D road. You must steer to stay on the road. Once you reach the finish line, you can continue for bonus poin… No ratings 468 This cool game lets you race a car around a figure-eight track. It has eight car directions; use the arrows to steer the car. Aim to cross the finish line with the lowest score possible! You can also race on your own custom-made tracks. Check it out! No ratings 419 This incredible program lets you create a railroad and then ride on it. Use the built-in track editor to create a large railroad of unlimited size. When you are satisfied, you can ride on your railroad in 3D! Autosave is built in, as is detection of track length and automatic cu… No ratings 359 This is an incredible Sim City program, with real 8x8 sprites, a huge board to build on, cool road sprites, autosave of cities and total elimination of memory errors found in other Sim City programs. Also includes the ability to share cities between calculators, and cool real-ti… No ratings 789 Here is a mini-demo of a sidescrolling game I totally wrote in TI-Basic. Actually the screen does not shifting : using line( commands to draw/erase make the illusion :) The aim is just to move this kind of "ufo" and avoid the mounts & valleys. For now, the game 's during a fe… 9/10 (1) 226 This is the board for a TI Sim City 2000 game. The graphics are _awesome_, with real 3D movement. Watch for a more final version coming soon!!! Check out the screenshots in this new version; feel free to give me feedback on it. Now has an updated readme with screenshots from the… No ratings 479 This is Space Wars, a fast game where you pilot a group of four spacecraft through intergallactic space. Avoid the lasers of opposing craft trying to get you. Beat ten levels to win. This is a fast and very cool game! No ratings 394 In this cool all-graphical (no text-based gameplay), you must defend your base from invading ships. You can move around and shoot to destroy other ships; the program keeps track of your high score. If a ship gets past you, you lose. Doors CS v4.0 optimized. No ratings 506 Stick Fighter is a two-player game in which two people fight each other. Similar to PC fighting games, the graphics are good, health and time are tracked, and special moves sometimes appear. You can move, kick, and punch; the first person who loses all life dies. The speed is am… No ratings 593 This is a fast, text-based tetris game. Version 2.2 includes all new pieces, even faster drawing routines, as well as an added bonus, a demo of v3.0beta, a fully-graphical version. Check out the screenshots! No ratings 1000
tic My first BASIC game. A simple tic tac toe game with a win counter. Message me with bugs or comments. No ratings 156 My very first game :) never finished, but you have to admit, it was rather ambitious and cool for a first. I made it in 8th grade, around 2 years ago from now. It features some weird storyline I forgot about (possibly NSFW, for saying a cuss word or two, IIRC), ion cannons, pr… No ratings 188 Produced for a Cemetech contest a year or two ago, this program is so-called "Ultimate" Pong. You control two separate pairs of paddles, one paddle per side of the screen. As you play, attempting to keep the ball within the screen, the paddles gradually move towards the center… No ratings 558 This is a cool little program where you get to tak ecare of an earthworm, nurture it to health (or not, if that's what you prefer). When it reaches a year old, it will split into two wormies that you can send to other calculators. A good way to stay occupied and fun to use. Try … 10/10 (1) 492 This is an incredible graphical port of the favorite game. It supports solitaire play, with rolling dice, a real scorecard, and AutoScoring. At the end of the game, the program will automatically add up your score. Check out the screenshots! No ratings 486 This is an on-calc version of the Yu-Gi-Oh scoring system, with graphical displays and support for up to 4 distinct players. You can add, subtract, or adjust points using the [+],[-], and [^] keys, and [2nd] to quit. Much better than keeping track on paper! No ratings 519