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Name Description Average rating Downloads Locking program in Axe assembly; contains nice graphics and a customizable password. Source included. 1/10 (1) 129 This program, for Doors CS v4.8 and higher, will install a Shell Expansion (SE) that protects your programs from unauthorized users. Once installed, takes up a mere 100 bytes of memory; now completely debugged and optimized! Check it out. Now compatible with all TI-83(+) and TI-… No ratings 330 This is a Shell Expansion module for Doors CS that will sort the program table into alphabetical order. Never again go searching in vain through your files! This SE can sort up to 255 programs in under 5 seconds. Doors CS 5 certified. No ratings 171 This is the beta version of the mouse driver for TICI 1.0, the new external hardware standard for TI calculators. It allows you to connect an external PS/2 mouse using a TICI 1.0 hub (plans in the hardware section of the TICalc archives). Use this as a stand-alone program, integ… No ratings 203