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  1. This is the beta version of the mouse driver for TICI 1.0, the new external hardware standard for TI calculators. It allows you to connect an external PS/2 mouse using a TICI 1.0 hub (plans in the hardware section of the TICalc archives). Use this as a stand-alone program, integrate it into your BASIC programs, or put it into your ASM programs! An amazing breakthrough in TI calculator hardware.

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  2. This was most likely one of the fastest and smoothest TI-83 Plus basic games around when I first created the original release in 1996 for the TI-82. It is fully functional, but there are still a few features that never got completed, as my free time to program for fun slipped away. I hope to get some time to go back and finish my initial objective, which was to program one of the cleanest, most efficient, and smoothly operating basic-coded games out there for the TI-82/83/Plus.

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  3. This my take on a BASIC shell for the TI83+. The goal was to make it as small as possible. It is less than 3KB. See the Readme file for more info.

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  4. This is a very early version of server section of the CALCnet drivers, a set of programs that allows up to 255 calculators to be connected together and share files. This version is unoptimized and still in progress, but look for the first final version soon.

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  5. What this program can do:<br>
    <li>Sort money into categories, dimes, nickels, $5, $10, etc.</li>
    <li>Archive your data</li>
    <ul><li>Restore this data after a RAM Clear</li></ul>
    <li>Allows custability of main menu at first start-up</li>
    <li>Auto-Sleeps to save battery life</li>
    <li>Auto-Sleep timer can be edited through the program</li>
    <li>Different greeting on main menu depending on the time on the calc</li>
    <ul><li>Not available on the TI-83 version of this program!!</li></ul>
    <li>Pop-Up windows create a rich and professional feel.</li>
    <li>And a few other things.</li>
    Built By: Alex Glanville - comicIDIOT (formerly some18kanl0n3)<br>
    Porting Help By: clementop of cemetech, typed the ENTIRE program onto his TI-83 so he could use it. He then contacted me about changes for the TI-83, which sparked the release, a special TI-83 version.<br>

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  6. iDraw is a basic graphics program that allows the user to draw simple shapes and images. Not very relevent but is a good tool for designing game/application introduction screens!

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  7. This cool program, which can be incorporated with ease into your own programs, creates a spinning pattern on the screen that can be adjusted for accuracy. Check it out!

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  8. This is a port of SPRXOR, Movax's XOR sprite routine for 8x8 icons, to make it capable of handling 16x16 icons and sprites. It is optimized and 100% stable.

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  9. Draw lines in the 3 Dimenthions, and make polygons! you can also animate them. Parts of ths program is rewritten, and there is a lot added from the original version 2 by Kerm.

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  10. This is the first level for UnreaL TOurnaMent, a game made entirely in 3D.

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  11. This is a side-scrolling Mario-type game. Use the arrow keys to move. For more instructions, licensing, etc, see enclosed documentation.

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  12. That's right - this is the logo from, ported to TI-83+ graphics format. Intuitive system displays the logo without using Pic variables. Check it out, or the original at

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  13. This is the sixth in my series of screensavers for the TI-83+. It randomly moves a target around the screen, stopping when you press any key. Check it out! More programs at

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  14. This is your basic guessing game, tells you higher or lower. Check it out!

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  15. This is a collection of 18 backgrounds for Doors CS. They include the logos of all 83/84 series calculators, well-known icons, pi, the globe, abstract designs, and more. Vital for the power Doors CS user. Doors CS v5.0 certified.

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  16. This is the French song Alouette in mobileTunes v1.0 format. Requires mobileTunes to run.

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  17. This is a Shell Expansion module for Doors CS that will sort the program table into alphabetical order. Never again go searching in vain through your files! This SE can sort up to 255 programs in under 5 seconds. Doors CS 5 certified.

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  18. CBLLight is a powerful and versatile program for using the TI Light Sensor or standard temperature sensors with the TI CBL, TI CBL 2, and the Vernier LabPro. The TI Light Sensor, TI Temperature Sensor, Vernier Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor, and Vernier Surface Temperature Sensor are supported by this version.

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  19. This program factors trinomials of the form ax^2+bx+c. If no factorization is possible, the program tells you. Factors are given in pretty form and with correct signs (no -- or +-).

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  20. Get your calc clean and running like new! Includes options to reset settings, clear variables, and more, all in a convenient and small program! Note on TI-83 version: All of the commands are compatible, but is the file format is incorrect or you cannot send it to your TI-83 please post in this thread:

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  21. My first BASIC game. A simple tic tac toe game with a win counter. Message me with bugs or comments.

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  22. This is a simple math question answering game. Has questions of varying difficulty. Has a high score feature. Ported from the TI-84+CE

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  23. Errrr little effect pack for complete Ti-basic idiots

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  24. This is just a basic program that displays and random "matrix' like animation.

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  25. This is a game I made that can teach you to quickly convert between binary and decimal numbers. Read the readme for more info. Version 1.2

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  26. This program lets you draw 3 dimensional structures and lets you edit them. It features:

    -Surface shading
    -Perspective and isometric
    -Fast rendering
    -Opening existing files and saving exsiting files

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  27. Locking program in Axe assembly; contains nice graphics and a customizable password. Source included.

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  28. A collection of function solvers useful for math from middle school to grad school!

    This is still in beta so glitches and a smaller library of functions will be here.

    If you have any problems with this or suggestions for functions, tell me!

    - Pythagorean Theorem
    - Quadratic Formula
    - Area Calculator (Triangles, Rectangles, Circles, Ellipses)
    - Volume Calculator (Prisms (Triangular, Rectangular, Pentagonal, Hexagonal), Pyramids (Triangular, Rectangular, Pentagonal), Cylinders, Spheres)
    - Temperature Conversions (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin)


    Version 0.3.0
    - Temperature Conversions Added
        - Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin can all be converted between each other.
    - Version on title screen changed from "v0.1"
    - Versions are now labeled as "0.1.0, 0.1.1, 0.1.2" instead of "0.1, 0.1.1, 0.1.2".

    Version 0.2.1
    - File changed from .8xp to .zip

    Version 0.2.0
    - Quadratic formula now tells you if X is undefined instead of crashing
    - Area calculator added
        - Triangle
        - Rectangle
        - Circle
        - Ellipse
    - Volume calculator added
    - Prism
    - Rectangular Prism
            - Triangular Prism
            - Pentagonal Prism
            - Hexagonal Prism
        - Pyramid
            - Triangular Pyramid
            - Rectangular Pyramid
            - Pentagonal Pyramid
        - Cylinder
        - Sphere
    - "Back" Function added to all menus

    Version 0.1.0
    - First version ever!
    - Pythagorean Theorem and Quadratic Formula added

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  29. Quick thing I made to replace the Pen function. If people like this, I'll rewrite it in Axe and add more features, I guess.

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  30. This is a program in which someone can type a word in, and have it either made backwards, or reflected. Reflecting a word makes it difficult to de-code.

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  31. My first ever finished program for the Ti 83/84!

    A simple port of minesweeper that runs in assembly with no shell.

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  32. This program lets you use the entirety of the open source h programming language on your calculator. Chech the README to see the commands.

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  33. The game is in german!!! / Das Spiel ist in Deutsch!
    Du bist ein Jäger und musst Tiere erlegen, um besser zu werden.
    Version: 1.3

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  34. By far, the easiest way to view real-time sensor data on your CBL, CBL2, or LabPro.

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  35. A little game made to test your memory and calculation of perfect squares and cubes. I will be happy to hear about any bugs you find or feedback you have!

    High Scores in SQUARES mode:
    1. sirdudeman - 64
    2. TortillaMan - 45

    High Scores in CUBES mode:
    1. sirdudeman - 18

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