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  1. This incredible program lets you graph 3D equations on your TI-83+ with an incredible amount of accuracy! Uses your current window and format settings, so you can plot it any way you want. Now includes many additional features for interactivity. Includes TRACE function, which allows you to follow your graph in three dimensions. The Calc function works the same as the 2D built-in grapher's Calc function, allowing you to enter the X and Z value and calculating Y for you. The Settings menu lets you change the graph parameters from within the program. You can even press any key during graphing to pause or quit! This multifunction program is a must for any serious mathemetician, now ported to the TI-73. Check out the screenshots!

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  2. This is version 2.0.4 of the TIFC. The previous version only supported roughly 68 conversions, took 4 programs and a picture variable, and was around 6kb in size. Version 2.0.X supports the usage of a single program, and boasts 708 conversions available in this single program of just over 7kb in size. It is also available for the TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+/84+ and TI-84+CSE, with the potential of being programmed on other calculators at a later date.

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