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Name Description Average rating Downloads This is a direct port of the ever popular TI-83+ Age of Darkness ver 3.0. This is one of a few good RPGs available for the TI-73. 7.5/10 (2) 403 This is the second version of Battle, now optimized and much faster, for the TI-73. It is a game where who fight the calculator; it has a fast and efficient AI and 5 difficulty levels. You must destroy your opponent in 99 seconds or less; you get a higher score for a faster timeā€¦ No ratings 373 This is a cool game where you have to catch falling objects in a garbage can. Catch 22 to win! Version 2.0 now contains both the source code and the calculator file. No ratings 325 This is your basic guessing game, tells you higher or lower; now ported to the TI-73. Check it out! 9/10 (1) 282