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Archives: TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition BASIC Games
These are TI-84 Plus C games, all in color. We recommend Doors CSE 8 to run these games. You can find faster games in our TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Assembly Games folder.
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More Information 15puzzle.zip 15 Puzzle [[Screenshots]]
15 puzzle is a sliding puzzle that consists of a grid of numbered squares tiles in random order with one tile missing. The object of the puzzle is to place the tiles in order by making sliding moves that use the empty space. Requires Doors CSE 8.1 or higher.
More Information 2048CSEFiles.zip Calc2048 for CSE [[Screenshots] [7/10]]
This is a clone of the number game 2048 (http://git.io/2048). Slide tiles around and combine them until you get a tile with the number 2048 on it! Requires DoorsCSE. Auto-saving after every turn included.
More Information a2048.zip 2048 Color for DCSE [[Screenshots] [8/10]]
This game is based on "2048" by Gabriele Cirulli, itself based on "1024" by Veewo Studio and "Threes" by Asher Vollmer. The goal of the game is to combine tiles displaying powers of 2 to get to a 2048 tile. You can move all the tiles on the board in one of the four cardinal directions in each turn, and tiles with the same value that slide into each other will combine to a new tile with double the value. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.
More Information AimandFire.zip Aim and Fire!!! [[Screenshots]]
You are a AA gunner and must defend London from the alien invasion. Read the included readme for further information.
More Information aod84pc.zip Age of Darkness 84+ Color edition [[Screenshots]]
This is a homescreen RPG ported from the older monochrome version of the same name. Travel the lands, defeat bosses to reclaim powerful orbs to help you defeat the enemy. Command magics as you gain strength to land powerful attacks, or use your powers to heal yourself and keep swinging the sword! Update: Repaired bug involved with on screen events.
More Information arrowgps.zip ArrowGPS [[Screenshots]]
A remake of my first xLIB game. Help the car keep on going by following the directional pattern.
More Information b2048.zip 2048 Celtic2 Edition [[Screenshots]]
Tile sliding/combining game for the Celtic2 libraries of Doors CSE, made by KermMartian and myself. Get pieces of 2 and 4 randomly thrown on the board to combine them to double values until you get to the magical 2048 tile!
More Information basicflappybird.zip Flappy Bird Color [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [8.5/10]]
This game is an homage to (some might say port of) the popular smartphone game named "Flappy Bird", which through a combination of addicting frustration and word-of-mouth has achieved great notoriety. You pilot a bird through a narrow tunnel of Mario warp pipe-like obstacles, telling the bird when to fly upwards and when to fall with gravity. Although the concept is simple, playing the game is table-poundingly annoying. While I tried to make this game equally frustrating to pay tribute to its inspiration, please don't smash or damage your calculator, as there are plenty of less frustrating things you could be using your calculator for. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher. See the Readme for more information and disclaimers.
More Information basicsnakec.zip Snake C v1.0 [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [10/10]]
This TI-84+CSE port of the ever-popular Snake game casts you as a hungry snake eating apples and avoiding its tail and walls. It has five increasingly-difficult levels, and tracks your high score. I wrote this Snake game as part of writing a TI-84+CSE appendix to "Programming the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus", a friendly guide to learning TI-BASIC programming. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.
More Information BATTLESHIP.zip Battleship [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [4/10]]
Play Battleship on your calculator! read the included readme for directions. This DOES NOT REQUIRE Doors CSE.
More Information Bejeweled.zip Bejeweled [[Screenshots]]
The classic gem-matching game, Bejeweled! Match groups of 3 or more gems to earn points. Match multiple groups of gems for big score multipliers! Multiple background pictures included.
More Information BlockDude.zip Block Dude [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [9/10]]
Fixed bug where level 3 didn't work! Based on the classic PuzzPack favorite, Block Dude is a puzzle game where you carry boxes around and try to exit the level through the door. Comes with a level editor so you can make your own levels!
More Information BOXMAN2.zip Boxman [[Screenshots]]
In this game you use the two left and right arrow keys to move the green box. Try to navigate all the way to the top without getting squashed. NOTES: You can only move up one block at a time. The higher you are the more points you get. This game is also on scratch.mit.edu! http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/24729815/
More Information BSnake.zip Snake DCSE [[Screenshots]]
Snake written with xLIBC in basic! This is a proof of concept version of the classic game snake, with a 16x16 board. If you enjoy this game you may also enjoy my assembly version at http://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=1047 which has a 32x32 board, high scores, and different food types. This game requires DoorsCSE
More Information Btetris.zip Basic Tetris [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [10/10]]
Tetris in TI-BASIC for the 84+CSE and CE, currently the only version working on the CE. This version adds improvements to code, use of up arrow for rotating the pieces, and a high score system!
More Information catastrophy.zip CatAstroPhy [[Screenshots]]
Shoot down enemies and challenge your friend's scores! Made for Cemetech Contest 13.
More Information CaterPi.zip Caterite Attack PSE: Caticle Chronicles Part I
This is Caterite Attack (PSE), my prequel to Cat Nipper, now out in the world! See the readme for more information like the storyline and technical stuff. Oh yeah, and PSE stands for Pi Special Edition. UPDATE: Removed status bar areas, now requires Doors CSE.
More Information CemetechContest13EntryCatNipper.zip Cat Nipper [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [1/10]]
This is my Contest 13 entry. The object of the game is to collect 90% of catnip before time runs out. There is 2 different game modes: Graph Screen and Home Screen
More Information checkers84pcse.zip Checkers 84+ CSE  [[Screenshots]]
Checkers is a fun little time waster to share with a friend or play against yourself. It features full use of the colors, and comes in 2 programs, 1 for if you want to change up the colors of the boards and tokens, or if you just want the default setup. This is version 0.9
More Information cheese2.zip Cheese Chase 2 [[Screenshots]]
This is the expanded version of the Mouse and Cheese game presented in Chapter 6 of the book "Programming the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus". You are a mouse chasing a particularly frisky piece of cheese, as your hunger bar quickly climbs. You must catch the next piece of cheese before you starve, or the game is over! Although this game has been expanded from the version in the book with a main menu and help screen, it still has plenty you could add yourself, including a better cheese AI, a high score mechanism, and much more. Modified for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, and with a Doors CSE 8 icon.
More Information Connect484PCSE.zip Connect 4 [[Screenshots]]
Connect 4 for the 84+CSE is a clone of the classic game of the real life game Connect 4, using the lovely colors of the 84+CSE screen.
More Information cookieclick84c.zip Cookie Clicker Color 1.0 [[Screenshots]]
This game challenges your entrepreneurial spirit as you set out to build a cookie-based empire. Though you start humbling clicking your own cookies, soon a network of intergalactic portals will be bringing you cookies from across the past, present, and future of the universe. Only you and your trusty TI-84+CSE can finally sate the universal hunger for cookies! Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher and a color-screen TI-84+CSE.
More Information CSE Minesweeper.zip CSE Minesweeper [[Screenshots]]
The popular windows game, minesweeper, arrives on the CSE. Featuring: -Variable size boards; 6 different sizes -Color -Timer, so you can challange friends and family -4 difficulty settings; Easy, Medium, Hard and Pro -Custom mine settings -The smiley face from the windows game! Any question or suggestions? Read the included Readme.
More Information decdef.zip Decimal Defender Color 1.0 [[Screenshots]]
This game, based on a concept App created by Texas Instruments for the TI-83+/TI-84+, challenges you to solve math problems by placing a decimal point. You are asked to divide or multiply a number by a power of ten, and you need to use your spaceship to shoot a decimal point into the proper place. You get two lives; solve the math problem incorrectly twice and the game ends. You get points based on how fast you answer the questions, and although you can choose to solve only multiplication or only division problems, you get more points when you solve both. A demo mode is included where the calculator will play the game for you to show you how it works. Requires Doors CSE 8 or higher.
More Information DFend10.zip D-Fend [[Screenshots]]
D-Fend is a shoot-em-up game for the CSE that requires no shell or library to run. Defend your position against the enemies (represented by either Xs or green dots). Go for the highest score and use Gold earned in games to purchase new upgrades!
More Information Dino.zip Dino Puzzle [[Screenshots]]
In this game, you try to match pairs of like pieces. You can swap two rows with 2nd. You get 5 points for each pair. You get bonus points for trapping pieces in between opened and closed eggshells. Every 50 points you gain a new level. Try to beat your high score!
More Information Dragglid1.0.zip Dragonsglid [[Screenshots]]
Ten years after the events of Source Seekers, the nation of Dragonsglid invades our fair land Uvutu, starting with Taoweh, your hometown. Defeat Dragonsglid and rescue Uvutu from the cruel king Ossac!
More Information fighter204401298.zip STREET FIGHTER zero
A highly addictive, extremely intense, multiplayer rendition of Street Fighter!! Beat all your friends with epic attacks and the greatest attack of all: the HADOUKEN!!!!!! With incredible high-speed graphics, this game ranks number one in all of Japan and three counties in New Hampshire! A must have for any bored pre-calculus student!!
More Information FindtheInvisibleCow.zip Find the Invisible Cow [[Screenshots]]
Based on the computer game at findtheinvisiblecow.com without sound. Includes normal and hardcore game modes. 4 unique unlockable achievements and blinkless cursor. Have Fun!
More Information firstfantasy.zip First Fantasy: Mana Force v1.0.1 [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [9/10]]
First Fantasy is the first RPG ever released for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition! Using Doors CSE 8.1 libraries to enhance TI-BASIC language, this very loose remake of Mana Force for the 83+ brings enhanced graphics, new magic spells and enemies, new cutscenes, expanded storyline and many new challenges. There are 16 magic spells available, 7 character classes, 49 monsters and several hours of gameplay. If you are a fan of Square-Enix Japanese role-playing games such as Final Fantasy, then you should try it! UPDATE: All sub-programs renamed to shorter names (please delete the old ones) and menu split from battle program to save RAM usage.
More Information flipbard.zip Flippy Bard Color: A Punnage [[Screenshots]]
Based heavily on Flappy Bird Color (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/458/45846.html), this tongue-in-cheek game makes you the bard of Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakespeare himself. Press [up] or [2nd] to make Shakespeare fly up, or release and he flips, falling under the force of gravity. When you inevitably run into a pipe, the Bard will honor you with a well-tuned witticism on your failings as a human being, picked from his many exceptional works. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.
More Information Frogger.zip Frogger
Leap between the cars and avoid almost certain death! Read the included readme for further details and for how to play.
More Information frogger3.zip Frogger v4.0 and v3.1 [[Screenshots]]
Frogger has been upgraded with all-new graphics! The first Doors CSE 8 Hybrid BASIC game, this fun arcade-style game puts you in control of a frog trying to cross a busy highway. Use the arrow keys to move the frog across the road in 10 increasingly-challenging levels. Get hit by the cars and you lose a life; lose 3 lives, and the game is over. Frogger v4.0 requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher, from http://dcs.cemetech.net.
More Information Galaga.zip Galaga [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [6/10]]
A rendition of the Galaga game, now on your calculator. Read the included readme for further details and how to play.
More Information hangman.zip Hangman [[Screenshots] [9/10]]
Hangman for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. Single and two player mode. Requires Doors CSE 8.1 or higher.
More Information hptunnel84c.zip HP Prime Tunnel TI-84+CSE Demake [[Screenshots]]
This is the xLIBC version of my color Tunnel game, for use with Doors CSE 8.0 on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. Originally released for the HP Prime graphing calculator and written in HP PPL language, this 84+CSE demake was adapted to run within the limitations of the lower end 15 MHz platforn, as well as those of TI-BASIC and xLIBC. UPDATE: Car is now made of a sprite instead of two rectangles and score displays faster, taking advantage of new xLIBC commands to save extra speed. Car looks different too, as shown in the updated screenshot.
More Information htetris.zip Tetric H v1.0: Hybrid BASIC Tetris [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
Based very heavily on TIFreakware's BTetris, this is a fun and fast Hybrid BASIC Tetris game for your color-screen TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. It requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher to run. Use the arrow keys and [2nd]/[ALPHA] to place Tetrominos on the playing field; clear lines to get to the next level. If you enjoy this game, be sure to try out BTetris as well.
More Information LawnMower.zip Lawn Mower [[Screenshots]]
Your mission: Mow the lawn and get back to your shed. Seems too easy, think again. The grass grows back and it grows back fast. With 5 different modes and 7 different lawn mowers to play as, this fun aggrivating game will definetly be something to play on that boring day in math.
More Information lightsout.zip Lights Out: Original and 2000 [[Screenshots]]
The classical game of Lights Out, where you toggle the four adjacent lights until all the lights are turn off. Contains the original preloaded puzzles of the 1995 and 2000 version of Lights Out by Tiger Electronics. Requires Doors CSE 8 or higher.
More Information mastermind.zip Mastermind [[Screenshots]]
Mastermind for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. Try to solve the four color sequence in the least amount of moves, using deduction through clues provided per round. Single and two player mode. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher, from http://dcs.cemetech.net.
More Information matrxrpg.zip Matrix RPG: Homescreen Game Tutorial [[Screenshots]]
Taken from Chapter 9 of "Programming the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus" by Christopher Mitchell (yours truly) and adapted for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, this program teaches you how to write a graphical homescreen RPG game. It requires Doors CSE 8.0 RC 2 or higher, which you can get from http://dcs.cemetech.net. Expand this into a full game yourself and learn more about calculator programming: http://cemete.ch/book .
More Information MoonBubble.zip Moon Bubble [[Screenshots]]
In this game you are the Moon Bubble Guy (yes, that is his name) and you are constantly bouncing. You start with a certain number of frames and you have to catch as many stars as you can before all of your frames run out. Every star gives you 10 more frames and every UFO you hit takes away 5 frames. Use the left and right arrows to move. Requires Doors CSE 8.1.1 or higher.
More Information MOVE3.zip MOVE3 [[Screenshots]]
A platformer, made as a sort of introductory project for myself. More info here: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11285 Level 4 is in progress, as you can see from the fourth screenshot below.
More Information OddOneOut.zip Odd One Out [[Screenshots]]
The game is rather simple: press the number key (1-6) that corresponds with the tile that's colored differently than the rest. You have ~10 seconds to select; if your timer goes below 0 or you select the wrong tile, your lives will go down by one. Don't let them reach 0 or you'll die! This is a beta. The next version will fix a few bugs (namely the text being messed up on the first level and an oversight that causes the game not to delete your score after you 'die') and perhaps add three more tiles so you can use the full keypad (1-9).
More Information pegs.zip Pegs [[Screenshots]]
Pegs for the TI-84+CSE is a port of the classic TI-84 Puzz Pack game "Pegs" by Fred Coughlin. Requires Doors CSE 8.1 or higher.
More Information pick5.zip Pick 5 [[Screenshots]]
Pick 5 is a game where the player randomly chooses five numbers. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.
More Information PingPong.zip Ping-Pong
This game lets you relive the old classic of Ping-Pong. Use the keys to move the paddles around. One-player only. Read the included readme for further instructions. Enjoy!
More Information PLINKO.zip Plinko for your 83+/84+CSE [[8/10]]
It's Plinko, what more do you need to know? Now With Color!
More Information pokemon.zip Pokemon Text Version [[Screenshots] [8/10]]
A pokemon text game that is still in development. This is my first game, and so far there are no typings or anything fancy like that. There are 36 first gen pokemon, and pokemon that should evolve can evolve. I do not own pokemon. Have fun. Now with DCSE icon! Hooray!
More Information PVPCRAFT.zip PvP Craft v0.21 [[Screenshots]]
PvP Craft is turn-based sandbox game inspired by the game Minecraft. Mine, build, trade, and attack throughout constant blows from the enemies. Doors 8.0 or higher is required to play. Update info: 0.2-Speed increased, added water, obsidian, ender crystals, saving, mining downwards, and more. 0.21-Fixes a major bug. Please post any bugs, suggestions, or comments here: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9825.
More Information quantum_world_84.zip Quantum World [[Reviews] [2.3333333333333/10]]
Quantum World is a BASIC game created by Photonic Studios in which your objective is to get to the top of the screen via jumping and strafing around in a randomly generated world. You are a pixel and you must jump around in order to get to the top. Once you get to the top, jump again to finish the level.
More Information RobotFindsKitten.zip robotfindskitten [[Screenshots]]
robotfindskitten is a "Zen simulation" game where you control a robot, #, trying to find a kitten. On the screen are 13 symbols, one of which is the kitten. Your job is to walk around touching items until you find the kitten. Each item gives you a description. Play until you find the kitten!
More Information RUNAWAY.zip Runaway - A game about trains [[Screenshots]]
Do you like trains? You won't after this. Introducing Runaway, my first HYBRID-BASIC game for the TI-84+CSE. In this game, dodge incoming trains and avoid water, which spills in every 24 trains. (Note : I plan to add more features later to this game, so check the topic on the "Your Projects" subforum for updates.
More Information scarth2.zip Scarth 2.0: Scorched Earth [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [9.5/10]]
Scarth v2.0 is a scorched earth game for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, ported from my 2006 game, Scarth 1.0. Your tank and a calculator-controlled tank battle to the death in a colorful randomly-generated landscape, taking turns firing missiles at one another. For each shot, you can set the power and angle that you shoot at, but as you get damaged, your range decreases. This is the first known released interactive TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition TI-BASIC game using homescreen graphics.
More Information signfinder.zip Sign Finder [[Screenshots]]
Sign Finder is a brain exercising game, inspired from Brain Age 2, to assist in engaging your prefrontal cortex, and helps you increase your speed of analyzing a problem and answering them quickly. Requires Doors CSE 8.1 or higher to play!
More Information simonclassic.zip Simon Classic [[Screenshots]]
Simon Classic for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. Your challenge is to correctly repeat a longer and longer sequence of colors. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.
More Information Snake.zip Snake [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [9.5/10]]
Snake v0.9. You are a green snake, and you want to eat red apples. Unfortunately, every time you eat an apple, three blue, poisonous berries appear. Avoid the berries, the walls, and yourself while eating as many apples as possible!
More Information Solius11.zip Solius [[Screenshots]]
Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher to run. Solius is a rogue-like dungeon crawler for the TI-84+CSE only. Fight your way through a barren wasteland to reach the unknown evil that has been plaguing your town. Choose between a DOS Command Prompt-style black and white interface, and a full-color interface!
More Information SourceSeekers1.3.zip Source Seekers [[Screenshots]]
A dungeon crawler RPG with action and puzzle elements. As an unarmed, regular civilian, go on an epic quest to defeat a mischievous group called the Terrors and bring peace back to the world! This game is fully compatible with non-color and color calculators; you can use the same game files for both the +C and non-color calcs. There are no libraries, shells, or extensions required to run the game; however, it will show up on Mirage OS. Compatibility for running from Doors CS coming soon, as well as DLC packs which will be included in the folder when published. If you want to erase your save, hit
More Information Survival.zip Survival!
"TI-84+CSE TI-BASIC game inspired by Darwinian evolution and the principle of 'survival of the fittest'. It includes several minigames of chance and skill that determine if the player's hypothetical species thrives or perishes." -Kerm Martian Survival is a program created for Cemetech Contest #12. For more information please visit the readme which is included in the file. Unfortunately due to a certain bug screenshots are not available. At least Doors CSE 8 is required for this program. Please note: If you were suffering crashes or memory leaks, this new version has fixed all the said bugs.
More Information sword_collector.zip Sword Collector V0.1 [[Screenshots]]
A sword collecting game where you collect swords. It is somewhat boring but you can waste some time with it. WARNING: SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND SOME CONTENT OFFENSIVE OR RACIST. MOST PEOPLE PROBABLY WON'T. Anyways, you can collect swords, read about them, and check how many you have.
More Information Tanks.zip Tanks! [[Screenshots]]
A simple turret game for the TI-84 C/S/E
More Information tictactoe.zip Tic Tac Toe [[Screenshots]]
Tic Tac Toe for the TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition. Single and two player mode. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.
More Information tictactoe2.zip Tic-Tac-Toe
The classic Tic-Tac-Toe on your calc. Read the readme for further info and on how to play.
More Information TimberDodge.zip TimberDodge [[Screenshots]]
Kinda late but... TimberDodge! It's a super easy calculator version of Timberman! Yay!
More Information TIThrash1.0.zip TI-Thrash [[Screenshots]]
TI-Thrash is a homescreen, arcade-style fighting game, one like you've never seen before! Attack the enemy, and perform combos to charge up your Charged Power bar! Once it's filled, unleash a devestating Super Thrash attack to your enemy! Pick between 3 characters to duke it out with the CPU in up to 9 rounds of intense battle! TI-Thrash is fully compatible, without any modifications, between the monochrome and color 8x calcs.
More Information TIThrashColor2.1.zip TI-Thrash Color [[Screenshots]]
TI-Thrash is a homescreen, arcade-style fighting game, one like you've never seen before! Attack the enemy, and perform combos to charge up your Charged Power bar! Once it's filled, unleash a devestating Super Thrash attack to your enemy! Pick between 3 (or 4 ;) ) characters to duke it out with the CPU in up to 9 rounds of intense battle! Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher to run. This version only runs on the TI-84+CSE, and as such it takes advantage of the color screen.
More Information Tower Defense.zip Tower Defense [[1/10]]
A Basic home screen tower defense game. kill the enemy's, survive! Kinda slow (sorry). Updates coming soon
More Information WFRNGCSE.zip Wacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000070 [[1/10]]
More Information WhackAColor.zip Whack-A-Color CodeWalrus 4x3 contest [[Screenshots]]
So this is my CodeWalrus contest entry. Have fun with it! Info in readme.
More Information WhackAMole.zip CBL2 Whack-A-Mole [[Screenshots]]
This is a game of Whack-A-Mole using the CBL2 light sensor! Make sure you have DoorsCSE installed (http://dcs.cemetech.net). Turn your brightness to max. Hook up the light sensor into Channel 1, and connect your 84+CSE via the link port. Run the program, and point the light sensor at the circle when it appears. This is very bare-bones, and was more a proof-of-concept than anything else. Some cool improvements would be variable speeds and a calibration mode.
More Information WhiteTiles.zip Don't Touch the White Tiles [[Screenshots]]
Use the upper-most buttons on your calculator to select the lower-most black tile on the screen. Each black tile gives you one point. But if you step on a white tile it's "Game Over" (Sorry, no random shark pops up.) This program is kind of slow but it beats doing nothing while eating lunch at school.
More Information YahtcseZeldaking.zip Yahtzee CSE [[Screenshots]]
Yahtzee, the dice game everybody knows, coming to the CSE! With great graphics, highscore table, save and continue games later, and the fun gameplay of yahtzee this is sure to be a keeper on your calculator. Requires Doors 8. Made by Daniel Zeldaking Thacker, from Linksoft Productions. Update: Forgot to bundle the sprite appvar with the programs, sorry about that!
More Information ZeldakingBlackjack.zip CSE BlackJack [[Screenshots]]
Casual card game BlackJack comes to the CSE. In under 4K bytes, this is a guaranteed fun way to pass your time in class, or even outside of class. Features including: >Save and continue games; Having some unreal gamage? Save and continue your lucky streak. >Beautiful graphics, if I do say so myself. >Smart AI >Much more! A 2014 linksoft productions program.
More Information ZeldakingMSCSE.zip Minesweeper CSE [[Screenshots]]
Minesweeper clone for the CSE Several exciting features: -Stimulating color sprites for engaging gameplay -Fully functioning timer; yes it is accurate -Smart flagging; flag and un-flag to your hearts content -Flag counter; a nice display showing how many mines still left to flag -Smiley Face; just like the windows version, with all the smiley happiness -3 graphics options; Original, flat and vector -Customizable board size; from 5x5 to 13x13 -Customizable mine amount -Any Suggestions and/or comments pm me through Cemetech/Omnimaga @zeldaking
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