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United-TI Forum Archives Open at Cemetech
Published by KermMartian on April 21, 2012 at 4:47:39 PM CST | Discuss this article (13)

As announced earlier this week, Cemetech has taken over long-standing calculator community forum United-TI. First started in 2003, United-TI was formed out of the merger of several existing programming groups who shared a common goal of producing great projects and teaching new programmers the ropes of calculator development. It is with a heavy heart that we watch them finally close up shop nine years later, but I am happy to report that the valuable United-TI archives have been safely preserved in their full glory here on Cemetech.

The United-TI Forum Archives at Cemetech contain 135,000 of United-TI's posts in thousands of topics, fully-browseable for reference. In the past week, we have put together the necessary code to display the United-TI forums here on Cemetech from their original database, and though work continues on fine-tuning the results, especially BBCode rendering, all forum contents are now available. To ease the transition, you can link your Cemetech and United-TI accounts to show your United-TI username and posting records in your Cemetech profile. In addition, we will be adding a feature that lets you link Cemetech and United-TI topics, so that you can continue discussion from your United-TI topics on the Cemetech forum.

We welcome the United-TI forums to their final resting place, and we especially welcome United-TI's userbase. If you are new to Cemetech, don't forget to introduce yourself, say hello in the SAX chat widget at the left side of the page (or on #cemetech on irc.efnet.net), and share your current projects.

United-TI Tools
United-TI Forum Archives
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