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A galaxy far far away......
Computer Science/Physics Student, Vermont Sustainable Heating Initiative Board of Directors
Science/Technology/Mathematics, Theology, Environmental Stewardship, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Reading

elfprince13 | OVER NINE THOUSAND!
Joined 23 May 2005 | 11282 Posts

| elfprince13
3500 Posts | Joined 11 Apr 2005

Since then, elfprince13 has made 11,282 posts containing 506,647 words, averaging 3.05745 posts per day and 44 words per post. elfprince13's posts are 4.89199% of Cemetech's forum posts.
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In the Cemetech file archives, elfprince13 is ranked 6th busiest author with 24 files, garnering 4287 downloads and achieving a position as the 25th most downloaded author.

File Archives
BattleField 83+ /83plus/basic/games
Bresenham's Circle Algorithm /83plus/basic/graphics
Binary Search Tree Routine /83plus/basic/graphics
Cemetech AI Beta 2 /comp/blockland
CemetechAI /comp/blockland
Croquet 83+ /83plus/basic/games
D-Term /83plus/basic/programs
Example Mod - V1.2 Beta /comp/fbtbg/mods
Factoriser /83plus/basic/math
Frog RPG /83plus/basic/games
Half Life 2 /83plus/basic/science
Point of inflection /83plus/basic/math
isPrime /83plus/basic/math
Lego Inventory Plugin for Delicious Library 2 /comp/nix
SFGP Math Pack /83plus/basic/math
MergeSort /83plus/basic/programs
SFGP RotoPong /comp
Riemann Sums /83plus/basic/math
SFGP Tunnel Game /comp
Slide /83plus/basic/games
Slope of the tangent line /83plus/basic/math
SpiderTrap 2 /83plus/basic/games
Stat Sprite Creator /83plus/basic/programs
Uber Hangman /83plus/basic/programs

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