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President and Founder, Cemetech
Calculators, Computers, Electrical Engineering, Logic, Puzzles, Blockland

KermMartian | Site Admin
Joined 14 Mar 2005 | 60570 Posts

| kermmartian
1220 Posts | Joined 20 Mar 2004

Since then, KermMartian has made 60,570 posts containing 2,448,721 words, averaging 16.243 posts per day and 40 words per post. KermMartian's posts are 26.3762% of Cemetech's forum posts.
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In the Cemetech file archives, KermMartian is ranked 1st busiest author with 358 files, garnering 161865 downloads and achieving a position as the 1st most downloaded author.

File Archives
The 1337 Guide to TI-BASIC /text/calcinfo
2048 Color for DCSE /84pcse/basic/games
Advanced Chat v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Analog Clock v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Analog Clock 2.0.1 /84pcse/basic/programs
Red/Yellow/Green Alert v1.0 /83plus/basic/media/animations
[mobileTunes v1.0] Alouette /83/asm/media/sound
[mobileTunes v1.0] Alouette /83/asm/sound
AntiDerivative v1.0 /83plus/basic/math
Arcade v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Area Under Curve v1.0 (Monte Carlo Method) /83plus/basic/math
ASM Tools v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Asteroids v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
2048 Celtic2 Edition /84pcse/basic/games
Baseball v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
BaseConv 1.0 /83plus/basic/math
Flappy Bird Color /84pcse/basic/games
Snake C v1.0 /84pcse/basic/games
Battle v2.0 /73/basic/games
Battle v2.0 /83/basic/games
BBAway v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
Brix Builder Beta 1 /beta
Brix Builder Beta 4 /beta
SSD1289-based LCD Driver for Beaglebone/AM335x /comp/nix
Bike 3D v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
Screensaver 2 - Binary /83plus/basic/media/animations
BinPac8x v1.3 /win/asm
[MAP] BL-Atlantis /comp/blockland
[MAP] BL-Sahara /comp/blockland
Bloxorz /prizm/games/lua
Body of Evidence Activity for TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition /84pcse/basic/education
Boggle v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Screensaver 4 - Bounce /83plus/basic/media/animations
Bowling v3.0 /83plus/basic/games
BrainF*** Interpreter 1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
BranchMap v1.0 /win/asm
BranchMap Beta 1 /beta
Bresenham Fast Circle Routine /83plus/basic/graphics
Breakout v2.1 /83plus/basic/games
The Complete TI-83/+/SE BASIC Tutorials /text/calcinfo
On the Design and Usage of globalCALCnet (gCn) /text/misc
Jezzball v1.0 /83plus/asm/games
Calculator in 3D v1.0 /83plus/basic/media/images
Calculator Cleanup v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Calculator v1.0 For Doors CS /83plus/basic/math
CALCnet 2.2 Whitepaper /text/misc
CALCnet Chat! v1.0 /83plus/asm/programs
CALCnet Server Driver v0.5 beta /83/asm/source
CALCnet Workstation Driver v0.5 beta /text/z80
Cashier v1.0 /83plus/basic/math
Catch 22 v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
Catch 22 v2.0 /73/basic/games
Screensaver 20 - Circuit Board /83plus/basic/media/animations
[MAP] Cemetech City 2 /comp/blockland
ClosedCaption v1.0 /83plus/basic/graphics
Celtic 2 CSE /84pcse/asm/programs
Cemetech Logo /83plus/basic/media/images
Cemetech AI Beta 2 /comp/blockland
[MAP] Cemetech City /comp/blockland
[MAP] Cemetech City Remix /comp/blockland
Charz v3.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Charz CSE /84pcse/basic/programs
Chatbot v1.1 [Customizable Version] /83plus/basic/programs
Cheese Chase 2 /83plus/basic/games
Cheese Chase 2 /84pcse/basic/games
Circle Equation v1.0 /83plus/basic/math
Circular Motion v1.0 /83plus/basic/science
Obliterate v1.0: Multiplayer Scorched-Earth /83plus/asm/games
CALCnet2.2 SpeedTest 1.0 /83plus/asm/programs
Jezzball v1.0 /84pcse/asm/games
ConnectPoint v1.0 /83plus/basic/graphics
Cookie Clicker Color 1.0 /84pcse/basic/games
CoolFX 1 - Spinner /83plus/basic/media/animations
CoolFX2 - Waves /73/basic/graphics
CoolFX2 - Waves /83plus/basic/media/animations
CoolFX 3 - Spinner Type 2 /83plus/basic/media/animations
Cool FX 4 - Dissolve /83plus/basic/media/animations
Cool FX 5 - Snow /73/basic/graphics
Cool FX 5 - Snow /83plus/basic/media/animations
[Doors CS] CopyBG v1.2 /83/asm/graphics
Count Down Timer v2.0 /83plus/basic/programs
CountUp v1.1 /73/basic/programs
CountUp Timer V1.1 /83plus/basic/programs
Crush the Castle /83plus/basic/games
Civilization Simulator I /83/basic/games
Cemetech Towers Build /comp/blockland
[Design 3D v1.0+] Calculator v1.0 /83plus/basic/graphics
[Design 3D v1.0+] Digital Camera /83plus/basic/graphics
[Design 3D v1.0+] Hypercube /83plus/basic/graphics
Dark Shadow 2 /83plus/basic/games
Dark Shadow v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Doors CS 5.4 Beta 1 /beta
Doors CS 5.4 Beta 3 /beta
Doors CS 5.4 Beta 5 /beta
Doors CS 5.6 Beta 1 /beta
Doors CS 5.6 Beta 2 /beta
Doors CS 5.7 Beta 1 /beta
Doors CS 5.7 Beta 2 /beta
Doors CS 5.8 Beta 1 /beta
Doors CS 5.8 Beta 2 /beta
Doors CS 5.8 Beta 3 /beta
Doors CS 5.8 Beta 4 /beta
Doors CS 5.9 Beta 1 /beta
Doors CS 5.4 Beta 1 /beta
Doors CS 5.0 Beta 2 /beta
Doors CS 5.0 Beta 3 /beta
Doors CS 6.0 /83plus/asm/shells/old
Doors CS 6.1 /83plus/asm/shells/old
Doors CS 6.1 'Montuori' Beta 1 /beta
Doors CS 6.1 'Montuori' Beta 2 /beta
Doors CS 6.1 'Montuori' Beta 3 /beta
Doors CS 6.1 'Montuori' Beta 3 /beta
Doors CS 6.1 'Montuori' Beta 4 /beta
Doors CS 6.2 /83plus/asm/shells/old
Doors CS 6.3 Beta /beta
Doors CS 6.4 Beta /beta
Doors CS 6.5 Beta /beta
Doors CS 6.6 Beta /beta
Doors CS 6.7.6 Beta /beta
Doors CS 6.7 Beta /beta
Doors CS 6.8 Beta /beta
Doors CS 6.9 Beta /beta
Doors CS 6.0 Release Candidate 1 /beta
Doors CS 6.0 Release Candidate 2 /beta
Doors CS 6.0 RC2.1 /beta
Doors CS 6.0 Release Candidate 3 /beta
Doors CS 6 Release Candidate 4 /beta
Doors CS 7.2 /83plus/asm/shells
Doors CS 7.1 Beta 1 /beta
Doors CS 7.1 Beta 2 /beta
Doors CS 7.2 Beta 1 /beta
Doors CS 7.2 Beta 3 /beta
3D TI-83 Background /83/asm/media/images
DCSBL Race v1.0.1 /83plus/basic/games
DCS DFS Maze Generator v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Doors CSE 8.2 /84pcse/asm/shells
Doors CSE 8 SDK /text/calcinfo
Grapher v1.0 for Doors CS /83plus/basic/math
Header and Icon Creator v1.0 for Doors CS v4.0 /73/basic/programs
Header and Icon Creator v1.2 for Doors CS 4-6 /83plus/basic/programs
Doors CS v5.0 Assembly Program Include File /win/asm/includes
Link v1.0 for Doors CS /83plus/basic/programs
Mouse Kernal from Doors CS /83plus/basic/programs
[Doors CS 5] Pong v1.0 /83/asm/games
DCSQuad Solver v1.0 /83plus/basic/math
Doors CS 7 SDK /text/calcinfo
TabFunctions SE for DCS6 /83plus/asm/programs
Decimal Defender Color 1.0 /84pcse/basic/games
[Vehicle] DeltaWing /comp/blockland
Derive v1.0 /83plus/basic/math
Design 3D v2.0 /83plus/basic/programs
DHCPgen v1.0 /web
DNA v1.1 /83plus/basic/media/images
Document DE 7 /83plus/asm/programs
Document DE 7 Beta 1 /beta
Document DE v3.0 /83plus/basic/programs
DodgeBall v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Doors CS 5.5 Beta 2 /83/asm/shells
[Doors CS v5.0+] Backgrounds Gallery /83/asm/media/images
Doors XP /83/basic/shells
Introduction to Doors XPasm v4.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Draw DE v1.5 /73/basic/graphics
Draw DE v1.5 /83plus/basic/graphics
Dynamic Recursive Fractal Generator v2.0 /84pcse/basic/graphics
Paint Drying Simulator /83plus/basic/programs
Duel v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Earth Impact! Activity for TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition /84pcse/basic/education
Screensaver 18 - ECG /83plus/basic/media/animations
Secure Encryption Engine v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Picture Enlarger /83plus/basic/graphics
Picture Reducer v1.0 /83plus/basic/graphics
Error Lib for DCS /text/z80/includes
Etch-a-Sketch Turbo v2.1 /82/basic/graphics
Etch-a-sketch Turbo v2.1 /83plus/basic/graphics
Etch-A-Sketch DE v1.0 /83plus/asm/games
Fast Pythagorean Triplet Solver 2.0 /83plus/basic/math
FastRace /83plus/basic/games
Prizm File Browser GUI Beta 1 /prizm/tools
Fireworks v1.0C /84pcse/basic/graphics
Slope Field v1.2 /83plus/basic/math
Flight 3D «Graphical Flight Simulator v2.0» /83plus/basic/games
Flippy Bard Color: A Punnage /84pcse/basic/games
FloppyTunes 1.0 /83plus/asm/sound
Flourish: CALCnet 2.2 Tech Demo /83plus/asm/programs
Flyer 3D v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Frogger v4.0 and v3.1 /84pcse/basic/games
Frogger 83 /83plus/basic/games
[mobileTunes v1.0] Fur Ėlise /83/asm/sound
globalCALCnet Example Bridge /comp/nix
gCn Bridge Config /83plus/basic/programs
globalCALCnet (gCn) Client v2.0 /win
Gossamer 1.0: Calculator Web Browser /83plus/asm/programs
GPS for Graphing Calculators /83plus/asm/programs
GPS2KML v1.0 /comp
Graph 3D v4.1 Color 3D Grapher /84pcse/basic/math
Graph 3D v2.0 /73/basic/math
[Prizm] Graph3DP 1.0 /prizm/math
Graph 3D v4.0 /83plus/basic/math
Screensaver 22 - Graphtext /83plus/basic/media/animations
X-Grapher v2.1 /83plus/basic/math
Grayscale Demo 2 /83plus/basic/graphics
[mobileTunes v1.0] Greensleeves /83/asm/sound
Guess v1.2 /73/basic/games
Tetric H v1.0: Hybrid BASIC Tetris /84pcse/basic/games
Miscellaneous 8-byte and 32-byte Icons - Set 1 /win/icons
Internet Explorer v0.3 beta /83plus/basic/programs
Guess v1.2 /83/basic/games
Integer Input 1.5 /83plus/basic/programs
Introduction to TICI 1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Interactive Physics v2.0 /83plus/basic/science
Invalid Tangram DE 1.2 /83plus/asm/games
Jury's Stability Criterion Solver /83plus/basic/math
[Vehicle] Kart2 /comp/blockland
KCAD v1.0 /83plus/basic/graphics
Score Keeper v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Key Processor v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Onscreen Keyboard v0.5 beta /83plus/basic/programs
KeyMash v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
KKart v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
Quest II /83plus/basic/games
Tic Tac Toe v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
Screensaver 14 - Laser /83plus/basic/media/animations
LCM v1.0 /83plus/basic/math
Library Helper CSE v8.1 /84pcse/basic/programs
Lights Out DE v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Learn to Use Your TI-83+ /83plus/basic/programs
Learn to Use Your TI-83 /83/basic/programs
LuaZM v0.1.1 Beta /prizm/tools
Matrix Animation: DCSE Demo /84pcse/basic/graphics
Screensaver 9 - The Matrix /83plus/basic/media/animations
Matrix RPG: Homescreen Game Tutorial /84pcse/basic/games
Missile Defense 2 /83plus/basic/games
MechTech v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
MeGaMan v2.0 Part 1 /83plus/basic/games
MeGaMan v2.0 Part 2 /83plus/basic/games
MeGaMan v2.0 Part 3 /83plus/basic/games
MeGaMan v2.0 Complete Package /83plus/basic/games
Melisma v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Minesweeper v2.1 /83plus/basic/games
Screensaver 4 - OctoMirror /83plus/basic/media/animations
Screen Mirror /83plus/basic/graphics
mobileTunes 3.2 /83plus/asm/sound
[Doors CS v4.9+] mobileTunes v1.0 /83/asm/sound
Docking Station for TI Calculators /text/hardware
External Power Source for TI Calculators /text/hardware
TI-Music Viewer v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Nerdism Factor v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
NetPong v1.1 /83plus/asm/games
[Prizm] Obliterate 1.0 /prizm/games
OCR v1.0 /83plus/basic/graphics
Office DE v3.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Over Clocker /83plus/asm/programs
Palm Organizer v2.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Palm Organizer v1.2 /82/basic/programs
ParSim Particle Simulator v1.0 /83plus/basic/science
PartyMode 2.0 Firmware, App, and PCB Design /comp
APass Password Protection Program /83plus/basic/programs
PCSEBall 1.2.1 /84pcse/asm/graphics
Phantom DE v0.81b /83/asm/games
Phoenix DE /83/asm/games
PicList v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Pi Eater v1.0 /84pcse/basic/math
Advanced PieChart Creator v1.0 /83plus/basic/math
Pipes v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Polynomial Division v1.0 /83plus/basic/math
Polygon Maker 68k /89/basic
Presentation DE v2.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Graphical Progress Meter v3.0 /82/basic/graphics
Graphical Progress Meter /83plus/basic/graphics
TICI 1.0 PS/2 Drivers /win/asm/includes
PSAT-->SAT Score Finder /83plus/basic/programs
[Vehicle] PsiWing /comp/blockland
[Doors CS 4.9+] Password Protection v1.2 /83/asm/programs
[Doors CS 6.1+] Password Protection v2.0 /83plus/asm/shells/modules
Q3 GRPG Level Editor /83plus/basic/levels
Quake III GRPG /83plus/basic/games
Measures of a Quadrilateral v1.1 /83plus/basic/math
Race 2 Turbo /83plus/basic/games
Race 3D v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
Race 3 Turbo /83plus/basic/games
RaceCar v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Screensaver 13 - Radar v2.1 /83plus/basic/media/animations
[Doors CS] Super Saiya-jin Rage /83/asm/games
Railsim 3D v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
ReaL3D Engine v2.0 /83plus/basic/graphics
ReaL3D Engine /82/basic/graphics
Render 3D v1.1 /83plus/basic/graphics
Row Echelon System Solver v1.2 /83plus/basic/math
Sandpaper v1.0: FTP Client/Server for CALCnet /83plus/asm/programs
SAX 1.0 :: AJAX Chat Widget /web/phpbbmods
Sim City 2004 /83plus/basic/games
Scarth v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Scarth 2.0: Scorched Earth /84pcse/basic/games
Science Friction Activity for TI-84 Plus C SE /84pcse/basic/education
Scouter 2: The Feedscreamer Project /comp
ScreenPals v1.0 - Cat /83plus/basic/programs
ScreenPals v1.0 - Seal /83plus/basic/programs
Screensaver 1 - Name Mover /83plus/basic/media/animations
Scrollbar Collection SDK v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
ScrollText v2.0 /83plus/basic/graphics
Doors CS SDK Beta 1 /beta
[Vehicle] SigmaFighter /comp/blockland
Sim City 2000 ReaL3D Demo /83plus/basic/games
SmallText3 v1.0 /83plus/basic/graphics
SnakeSaver v1.0 (Screensaver 16) /83plus/basic/media/animations
Program List Sorter v1.1 /83/asm/programs
Space Invaders v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
Space Wars v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
Spiral v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Spirographing v1.0 /84pcse/basic/math
Spreadsheet DE v2.1 /83plus/basic/programs
SPRXOR16 v1.0 /83/asm/routines
Screensaver 3 - Squiggle /83plus/basic/media/animations
Star Wars v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Stick Fighter v2.1 /83plus/basic/games
[Doors CS v4.0] System Check v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
SysMon v2.0 /comp
Screensaver 6 - Target /83plus/basic/media/animations
Screensaver 6 - Target /89/basic/media/animations
[Vehicle] TBMTrain & TBMDiesel /comp/blockland
Tic-Tac-Tank 1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Tetric A: Color Tetris /84pcse/asm/games
Tetric B v0.01a /beta
Tetris v2.2 /83plus/basic/games
[Prizm] Tetrizm v1.0 /prizm/games
TICI 1.0 Color Screen Adapter /text/hardware
TICI 1.0 Logo (Oncalc) /83plus/basic/media/images
TICI 1.0 Modem Adapter /text/hardware
TICI 1.0 External PS/2 Mouse Driver v0.8 beta /83/asm/programs
TICI 1.0 Networking Plans and Schematics (Preliminary) /text/hardware
TICI 1.0 Hub Version A - Schematic and Plans /text/hardware
Hardware / Software Developer's Kit for TICI 1.0 /text/hardware
TIML v1.0 [Advanced Edition] /83plus/basic/programs
TIML 1.0 Image Plugin /83plus/basic/programs
TIML 1.0 File Compressor /83plus/basic/programs
TIML 1.0 Tables Plugin /83plus/basic/programs
Sample File for TIML 1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
TIML v1.0 [Standard Edition] /83plus/basic/programs
Tokenizer DE v1.0 /83plus/asm/programs
Trapezoid Rule v1.0 /83plus/basic/math
Trig Finder v1.0 /82/basic/math
Trig Finder v3.0 /84pcse/basic/math
Ultimate Pong v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
UnreaL TOurnaMent Level Set 1 /83plus/basic/levels
Level Editor v2.0 for UnreaL TOurnaMent /83plus/basic/levels
UnreaL TOurnaMent 86 v1.0 /86/basic/games
UnreaL TOurnaMent - Level 1 /83/basic/levels
Vector Calculator v1.0 /83plus/basic/science
World Domination I Beta 1 /beta
Screensaver 12 - Web /83plus/basic/media/animations
Content Association In Wikipedia /comp
Wormy v1.1 /83plus/basic/games
Yahtzee v2.0 /83plus/basic/games
Yu-Gi-Oh Counter v1.0 /83plus/basic/games
Zombie Apocalypse Part 1 Activity for TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition /84pcse/basic/education
Zombie Apocalypse Part 2 Activity for TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition /84pcse/basic/education
TICI 1.0 PS/2 Keyboard Driver v0.8b Source Code /text/z80
TICI 1.0 External PS/2 Mouse Driver v0.8 beta Source Code /text/z80

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