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olav_nordmann | Member
Joined 27 Apr 2007 | 125 Posts

Since then, olav_nordmann has made 125 posts containing 17,570 words, averaging 0.0447227 posts per day and 140 words per post. olav_nordmann's posts are 0.0562273% of Cemetech's forum posts.
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In the Cemetech file archives, olav_nordmann is ranked 17th busiest author with 9 files, garnering 988 downloads and achieving a position as the 52nd most downloaded author.

File Archives
Doors CS Header Icon generator Version 2.1. /83plus/basic/graphics
Design 3D v3.0 /83plus/basic/programs
Design 3D v3.0 /83/basic/programs
Design 3D v3.2 both TI 83 and TI 83/84plus revision. /83plus/basic/programs
Design 3D v3.5 both the TI 83 and the TI 83/84plus revision. /83plus/basic/programs
Design 3D v4.0 Beta 1 /83plus/basic/graphics
Dhtml & javascript based Icon viewer for DCS icon format. /web
Dhtml & javascript based Icon viewer for DCS icon format. Version 2. /web
Dhtml based Icon viewer for Hexadecimal icon format Version 4. /web

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